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Nike Skateboarding is the Nike brand for its line of shoes, clothing, and equipment for skateboarding.

Also known as: Nike Skateboarding [full title]

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Tour Footage: Nike SB Polar Rico [18/6/2019]
Polar in Puerto Rico.

Tour Footage: Nike SB 58 Tour So Paulo [16/4/2019]
So Paulo: concrete jungle, metropole. The SB Brasil team transmutes this grey city with their powerful colors of energy and style.

Tour Footage: Nike SB Australia In North Carolina [11/2/2019]
Nike SB Australia: A Little Medley In North Carolina

Tour Footage: Nike SB Crust Belt Tour [27/1/2019]
Nike Skateboarding celebrates the second installment of the SB x NBA collection by hitting the road.

Tour Footage: Nike SB Double Technical [12/12/2018]
Double Technical is Nike SBs five-day Paris mission for the Nike SB X NBA collection and SB Gato.

Tour Footage: Nike SB X Delivery Selena [28/11/2018]
Deliverys Buenos Aires VX crew travel to Chile and meet the Argentina and Chilean Nike SB roster to skate the raw streets of Santiago and Valparaso.

Tour Footage: Nike SB I-58 Tour Sunbelt [16/8/2018]
The skate tour formula hasnt changed much in the last 30+ years: Get the team in a van and hit the road. So thats exactly what Nike did.

Tour Footage: Nike SB Blazer Southwest Trip [10/7/2018]
Generations of skateboarders jumping in the van exploring the southwest U.S.

Tour Footage: Nike SB Hockey Killshot [30/6/2018]
Nike SB Hockey Killshot video.

Tour Footage: Nike SB Europe in BCN [24/6/2018]
Nike SB Europe doing their thing in Barcelona.

Tour Footage: Nike SBs I-58 Tour [31/12/2017]
There are some big names on this road trip but they keep it core by hitting skateshops, raw streets, and old school demos. These guys are incredible.

A Gaga Moment 2017 Tour Footage [26/12/2017]
Nike SB Women goes on a trip to Paris.

Nikes Camp Pain 2017 Tour Footage [8/8/2017]
A fantasy grouping of the Nike team cruise around Argentina under the chaperone of The Butcher, himself. Hows that for a campaign?

Nike SB Ruta Panamericana 2016 Tour Footage [20/6/2016]
The best skateboarders + the best fans = Ruta Panamericana 2016. Enjoy the ride.

Nike SB The Bridge 2015 Tour Footage [18/1/2016]
The Bridge is not a Scandinavian crime drama television series, but a clip featuring the Nike SB Euro team, filmed in 4 days in Malmo and Copenhagen.

Nike SB Copenhagen 2015 Tour Footage [8/1/2016]
Nike SB headed out to Copenhagen with Kevin Bradley, Karsten Kleppan, Brian Anderson and Eric Koston.

Nike lord of the Pies 2014 Tour Footage [13/10/2014]
Nike went on a five day trip to Australia this summer. Here is some footage.