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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Trikkestallen Xmas Jam 2019 [29/10/2019]
Trondheim Skate Association presents this years Xmas Jam, 6-8 December at Trikkestallen Skatepark.

Video Part: Petr Horvat in Who Cares (2006) [27/10/2019]
Here is Petr Horvats part in Alis Skateboards Who Cares video from 2006.

Full Video: Candyland [27/10/2019]
Candyland is a video by William Strobeck for Supreme in San Francisco.

Trust Fall Extras: Kyron, Karsten and Friends [27/10/2019]
Blodige skinnlegger, massevis av marmor, halvlitere og mer i den nyeste utgaven av Trust Fall Extras med Kyron, Karsten og venner.

Europan Championships 2019 Footage [27/10/2019]
Nizhny Novgorod put itself on the skateboarding map of the world. The first ever European Street Skateboarding Championship went down there erarly Ocotber 2019. The struggle was real and the finalists from all over Europe battled it out. The remix of all the best tricks from the event is here for your viewing pleassure!

Old Boys NM 2019 [27/10/2019]
This years Old Boys NM is being held at the indoor skatepark in Skien on 23 November 2019.

Skatetrip to Malm 2019 [27/10/2019]
A group of kid skaters from Oslo, Hamar, Lrenskog, Gjvik, and Stavanger, went on a trip to Malm.

Skate Bus From Oslo To Fredrikstad [27/10/2019]
Join the Skate Bus from Oslo to the indoor skatepark in Fredrikstad on Saturday 9. November 2019.

Plazacation: Mallorca [26/10/2019]
Tyler Surrey, Gustav Tnnesen, Jacopo Carozzi, and Josef Skott Jatta splice together beautiful lines at the legendary Sa Feixina plaza in the sun-splashed Spanish paradise of Mallorca.

Shit Friday Flicks Episode 17 [25/10/2019]
Check out this weeks Friday Flick from Shit!

Full Video: Gnarly Prahba Gang [25/10/2019]
Gnarly Prahba Gang is a tour video from the Gnarly Baba crews holiday trip to Prague.

Bod Gets Skateboard NM 2020 [23/10/2019]
NM Street, Bowl and Game of Skate is being arranged in Bod 31. Juli - 2. August 2020!

Os KnwLEDGE Challenge Results [23/10/2019]
Here are results from the Os KnwLEDGE Challenge at Oslo Skatehall.

Brettforbundet Launches Website [21/10/2019] is the new website of Brettforbundet, with content related to skateboard, snowboard and surfing!

Mjsskate 2019 Footage [20/10/2019]
Here is the video recap of this years Mjsskate contest series.

Trikkestallen Halloween Jam 2019 [19/10/2019]
Trikkestallen is arranging a bowl jam and various small contests for Halloween, on 31. October 2019.

Trikkestallen Girl Skate Camp 2019 [19/10/2019]
This years girl skate camp at Trikkestallen is being held 8-10 November 2019.

Tony Hawk on Skavlan [19/10/2019]
There is only one way for skate legend Tony Hawk to enter the Skavlan studio.

European Championships 2019 Results and Footage [19/10/2019]
Here are the results from the European Street Championships in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Molde Bowl Is Being Moved [19/10/2019]
Skateboarding Molde plans to move the bowl into the woods, where it can get some shielding from wind and weather, and be away from angry neighbours.

Team Update: Andre Røllander on Duscetti [18/10/2019]
Duscetti welcomes Andr Røllander with a short clip on Instagram.

Shit Friday Flicks Episode 16 [18/10/2019]
Shit founder Frode Goa skates the indoor skatepark in Tjelta in this weeks Shit flick.

Haugenstua Street Contest 2019 Footage [14/10/2019]
Here is a video from the contest at Haugenstua 5.10.2019.

Fredrikstad Best Trick Contest Footage [14/10/2019]
A lot was landed at the best trick contest in Fredrikstad.

The Nine Club Episode 166 Shawn Hale [14/10/2019]
Shawn Hale discusses growing up in Joplin Missouri, moving to California and renting a couch, getting on Birdhouse, living with Mikemo and Vince Capaldi, trying the loop, filming for the Birdhouse video Saturdays, turning pro, removing a tattoo with salt, eating healthy to heal injurys, filming his part in the Birdhouse video Beautiful Mutants, skating with Felipe Nunes, developing his orthopedic shoe company Avos Shoes and much more!

Culture Night at Larvik Skathall [14/10/2019]
Kulturnatt og skate morro i Larvik Skatehall den 9. november 2019.

Tonje Pedersen Nominated In Vestfold Sports Gala [14/10/2019]
Tonje Pedersen has been nominated for female athlete of the year in the Vestfold Sports Gala.

Us and them. On Damn Kids And Other Scum [14/10/2019]
It is exceptionally predictable when the newspaper pulls bold headlines such as Problem Youth out of their sleeve, or when the editor in the leader shoots out terms such as..

Plans For The New Skatepark In Krager [11/10/2019]
Here are the drawings of the planned skatepark in Krager.

Shit Friday Flicks Episode 15 [11/10/2019]
Here is this weeks Friday Flick from Shit.

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