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Vision Skatepark was an indoor skatepark in Kristiansand, Norway.

Also known as: Vision Skatehall / Kristiansand Skatehall / Kristiansand Skatepark

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Fundraiser For Vision Skatepark [13/9/2018]
Vision Skatepark in Kristiansand aims sure raise 500.000 NOK to renovate the park.

Drmmefinalist 2018 Vision Skatepark [8/8/2018]
Bl Kors Vision Skatepark and their dream of a mobile skatepark is one of four finalists to receive money from Los Fondet. Cast your vote to help them out.

Wants To Renovate Vision Skatepark [6/6/2018]
Bl Kors wants to raise 2.000.000 NOK to renovate Vision Skatepark in Kristiansand.

New Lights at Vision Skatepark [1/6/2018]
New led lights has been installed at the indoor skatepark in Kristiansand.

300.000 For Vision Skatepark [15/12/2017]
Vision Skatepark won 300.000 kroner from Lykkeskillingen.

Bl Kors Takes Over Vision Skatepark [8/12/2017]
Bl Kors is taking over the indoor skatepark in Kristiansand, and invites to free skate this christmas.

1 Last Jam 2017 Results and Footage [29/11/2017]
Here are results and footage from the last skateboard contest at Vision Skatehall in Kristiansand.

1 Last Jam at Vision Skatepark [23/11/2017]
Vision Skatepark is hosting 1 Last Jam on Sunday 26th November, 2017

Joins Blkors To Save Vision Skatepark [20/11/2017]
Kristiansand Skateklubb is joining forces with Blkors in an effort to save the indoor skatepark, and you can help them by voting for them at Skillingsfondet.

Vision Skatepark Closes [1/11/2017]
The indoor skatepark in Kristiansand is closing 30th November 2017.

Vision Skatepark Could Have To Close [26/10/2017]
The indoor skatepark in Kristiansand could have to close due to lack of funds.

Vision Halloween Sk8 and Scoot 2015 [27/10/2015]
Vision Skatepark in Kristiansand invites to a Halloween event for skateboarders and scooter-kids on Saturday 31 October 2015.

Burglary at Kristiansand Skatepark [3/8/2015]
One person was arrested after reports of a break in at the indoor skatepark at Lund.

K-Town Winter Jam 3 Results [2/3/2015]
Here are results from the K-Town Winter Jam event in Kristiansand.

K-Town Winter Jam 3 [20/2/2015]
The annual winter jam, and pre-qualification event for the Norwegian junior skateboard championships, is being held at the indoor skatepark in Kristiansand this weekend.

Kill the Park 2014 [26/6/2014]
Junior street qualification event in Kristiansand for the Norwegian skateboard championships.

Aktion Christmas Market in Kristiansand [21/11/2013]
Vision Skatepark is arranging a christmas market at the indoor skatepark in Kristiansand next month.

K-Town Skate Jam 2013 Results and Footage [26/3/2013]
Here are results and footage from the K-Town Skate Jam in Kristiansand.

K-Town Skate Jam 2013 [12/2/2013]
K-Town is kickstarting the spring with the K-Town Skate Jam next month. The event is also a pre qualification for NORB NM for the juniors.

Vision Renovates Park [5/2/2013]
Seems Vision Skatpark has rebuilt their street area. Here is some information.

7fm Comeback [14/11/2012]
The 7fm website is making a comeback with events at indoor skateparks around the county. Here is some information.

Adidas Norway Tour 2012 [16/4/2012]
The Norwegian Adidas team is going on a tour around the country. Here is some information.

Breakin at Vision Skatepark [15/4/2012]
A computer and 25.000 kr was stolen from the indoor skatepark in Kristiansand last month.

K-Town Winter Jam 2012 Results and Footage [11/4/2012]
Here are the results and footage from the second annual K-Town Winter Jam.

K-Town Winter Jam 2012 [20/1/2012]
The dates for this years K-Town Winter Jam has been released. Here is some information.

Vision Skatepark Has Been Saved [16/12/2011]
The indoor skatepark in Kristiansand has been saved. Here is some infomation on the update and the party.

Kristiansand Could Loose Indoor Skatepark [4/12/2011]
Hyre, Fremskrittspartiet, Pensjonistpartiet and Kristelig Folkeparti suggests to cut 250.000 kr from Vision Skatepark in Kristiansand. Here is some information and a clip.

Suggests More Money For Vision Skatepark [27/11/2011]
The city clerk suggested to grant Vision Skatepark more money in the budget last month. Here is some information.

K-Town Skate or Die Jam 2011 Results [17/10/2011]
Here are the results from the contest held at the indoor skatepark in Kristiansand this month.

Michael Sommer at Vision Skatepark [4/9/2011]
Michael Sommer does a fakie Hardflip switch 5-0 at the indoor skatepark in Kristiansand.

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