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Tampa Am is an annual amature skateboard contest in Tampa, Florida.

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Vans Park Series 2019 China Yndiara Asp Footage [21/5/2019]
2018 VPS World Pro Finals runner up Yndiara Asp (BRA) has kept her top form going with a 3rd place finish in Shanghai China.

Tampa Am 2019 [23/12/2018]
The 26th annual Tampa Am is being held 7-10 November, 2019.

Tampa Am 2018 Ikeda Daisuke Footage #2 [15/11/2018]
How Ikeda Daisuke won Tampa AM 2018, 1st place winning run straight to a champagne shower.

Tampa Am 2018 Concrete Jam Footage [15/11/2018]
Chaos in the concrete Jam #TampaAM.

Tampa Am 2018 Footage [15/11/2018]
Tampa Am footage from Mannys World.

Tampa Am 2018 Results and Footage [15/11/2018]
Tampa Am 2018 Results and Footage

Tampa Am 2018 Daisuke Ikeda Footage [15/11/2018]
Daisuke Ikeda blew the SPoT roof off with a brain-scorching run that earned a 92 and took home the win for Japan at the 25th Annual Tampa Am. Congrats Daisuke!

Tampa Am 2018 Finals Footage [15/11/2018]
The Finals are never easy, but for the 25th Annual Tampa Am it was NEXT level. Peru, Portugal, Germany, and the USA all turned up the heat, but the Brazilians and Japanese took it to 11. In the end, Tampa Am delivered all of the stoke and drama its famous for, and MORE.

Tampa Am 2018 Qualifier Footage [15/11/2018]
With 100 of the best amateur skaters from around the world trying to out shred each other in the Tampa Am Qualifier, you know Giovanni Vianna had to bring some serious fire to snag the top spot. But theres way more to Tampa Am than where people place, and heres a ripping taste of it.

Tampa Am 2018 Open Qualifier Footage [15/11/2018]
If the Friday Open Qualifier at Tampa Am was a kitchen appliance, it would be a meat grinder. 161 skaters from around the globe took their best shot at making a 10 cut to the next round, and yeah thats pretty much as harsh as it can get.

Tampa Am 2018 Practice Footage [15/11/2018]
Skateboarding doesnt have too many traditions, but after 25 years Tampa Am is probably its most famous one. And so it begins. Happy Anniversary Tampa Am!

Tampa Am 2018 Live Webstream [10/11/2018]
Tampa Am on ETN.

Tampa Am 2018 [4/6/2018]
The 25th Annual Tampa Am 2018 is being held November 8-11, 2018.

Felipe Nunes Road to Tampa Am 2017 [28/2/2018]
Felipe Nunes Road to Tampa Am 2017

Tampa Am 2017 TWS Footage [31/1/2018]
CCSs Matt Price went down to Tampa Am and brought back this nostalgic edit, 411 style!

Tampa Am 2017 Concrete Jam Ride Footage [23/11/2017]
The Converse Concrete Jam has become SPoTs most notorious tradition, never ceasing to wow and excite and shock and amaze. Think Hells Angels meets the demolition derby meets GG Allin live in concert, but on skateboards. The Jam has only two rules: Rip it up, and try not to die.

Tampa Am 2017 Results and Footage [20/11/2017]
Here are the results and footage from this years Tampa Am.

Tampa AM 2017 TSWC Footage [20/11/2017]
The Some What Cool gives you this edit from the Tampa Am weekend.

Tampa Am 2017 Fahryy Footage [20/11/2017]
Fahryy Films gives you the best of Tampa Am 2017.

Tampa Am 2017 Finals Ride Footage [16/11/2017]
Skaters from the USA, Columbia, Norway, Brazil, France, and Portugal all made it to the top 12 Final and earned a shot at winning the 2017 Tampa Am. It was a truly international affair consisting of incredible skateboarding and wall to wall stoke. A huge congratulations goes out to Gustavo Ribeiro for taking the win and earning a spot in the 2018 SLS Pro Open. Good luck Gustavo!

Tampa Am 2017 Gustavo Ribeiro Ride Footage [16/11/2017]
What kind of skating does it take to beat 250 of the most talented amateur skateboarders from all around the entire world? Click play and find out.

Tampa Am 2017 Mannys World Footage [16/11/2017]
Manny Santiago headed south to attend this year Tampa Am contest, to only have the Ams take his money, and find out that this guy Felipe with no legs has a bigger heart then all of us...Kids just keep getting better and better!

Tampa Am 2017 Semi-Final Results [16/11/2017]
Tampa Am 2017 semi final results.

Tampa Am 2017 Qualifiers Ride Footage [13/11/2017]
The Tampa Am Qualifiers started with 100 of the best of the best amateur skaters from around the world, all vying for a top 30 spot into the Semi-Finals. Jorge Simoes from Portugal went tech wild and snagged 1st place and a Straight Shot into in the Finals.

Tampa Am 2017 Qualifiers Results [12/11/2017]
Here are the results from this years Tampa Am qualifiers.

Tampa Am 2017 Concrete Jam Drone Footage 2/2 [12/11/2017]
Part two of Steven Lindgrens drone footage from the Tampa Am Concrete Jam.

Tampa Am 2017 Concrete Jam Drone Footage 1/2 [12/11/2017]
Steven Lindgren gives you the drone view from the Tampa Am Concrete Jam.

Tampa Am 2017 Open Qualifiers Ride Footage [12/11/2017]
When you start with 150 skaters from across the globe, invite them to the legendary Skatepark of Tampa, and tell them only the top 10 will advance to the next round of Qualifiers, the only thing left to do is sit back and watch the shredding ensue. And you can see the best of it right here.

Tampa Am 2017 Practice Ride Footage [10/11/2017]
Skaters from 20+ countries are on the annual pilgrimage to the Skatepark of Tampa for Tampa Am, now in its 24th year. And with 100 kids on the course at a time, all trying to dial in their hardest tricks, theres only one place to see it all up close and in HD, and thats right here, on SPoT Life.

Tampa Am 2017 Dates [25/4/2017]
This years Tampa Am is being held 9-12 November, 2017.

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