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Creature Skateboads is an American skateboard company.

Also known as: Creature [short title]

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Kevin Bkkel Pro Model Launch Footage [20/9/2018]
Kevin Baekkel Pro Model Launch Creature Skateboards Norway

Full Part: Cody Lockwood For Creature [20/9/2018]
Creature is proud to welcome Cody Lockwood to the Horde. Codys a ripper and if you werent sure, check the part and then check your diaper.

Kevin Bkkel Pro Model Launch In Oslo [18/9/2018]
Kevin Bkkel pro model launch in Oslo 18th September, 2018.

Tour Footage: Creature Skateboards Deko Boko [11/8/2018]
In a never ending quest for the perfect scallop, Willis rounded up the boys and headed across the pond to the land of the rising sun. Once there and in the hands of the best host 4 Americans could ask for, Kenji-san took the boys on a legendary ramble through the bumpy island filled with 7-Elevens, sushi, Asahi, good laughs, and savage concrete!

Team Update: Cody Lockwood with Creature [6/8/2018]
Creature Skateboards has welcomed Cody Lockwood to the team.

Full Part: Kevin Bkkels Pro Remix [29/7/2018]
Kevin Bkkels Pro Remix from Thrasher.

Kevin Bkkel Creature Pro Models [28/7/2018]
The new Kevin Bkkel pro models are soon coming to a shop near you.

Kevin Bkkel Pro Party Surprise Video [26/7/2018]
Kevin Bkkels Pro Party Surprise in Oslo.

Team Update: Creature Pro Kevin Bkkel [25/7/2018]
Kevin Bkkel has turned pro with Creature Skateboards.

Team Update: Creature Pro Jimmy Wilkins [17/7/2018]
Jimmy Wilkins is now pro with Creature Skateboards.

Tour Footage: Creatures NOR Smokes Holiday [7/7/2018]
Oslo and Hamar, Norway with Kevin Bkkel and Milton Martinez to check out Kevins homeland and skate some spots. Smooookkeeeesss!!!!!

Team Update: Ulph Andersson on Creature [29/4/2018]
Creature welcome Swedish born, Spain Livin, Ulph Andersson to the international flow team.

Commercial: Creature Skateboards Spring 18 [14/4/2018]
Commercial Break: Creature Skateboards Spring 18.

Tour Footage: Creature at Larb Fest 4 [10/12/2017]
Having a session before the gig is a standard ritual, but this time Creature turned it into a little mission from Minneapolis to Milwaukee, harvesting parks and spots in between gigs.

Creature Quickie Taylor Bingaman [10/11/2017]
Taylor gets in a Quickie at the Carmel Valley Skatepark.

Creature Buzzkill Commercial [9/11/2017]
Darren Navarrettes Buzzkill Deck is available now!

Creature Northwest Report 2017 Tour Footage [14/8/2017]
Createure Skateboards did a little check-in on the Northwest Crue and looks like the Summer is treating them just right. Get out there before its over!

Creature at Lehi Skatepark [28/7/2017]
The Crew makes it to Utah and takes some rips at the Lehi Park. The Creature Video Tour Video coming sooooon.

Creature Video Tour Teaser [22/7/2017]
Creature Skateboards are working on the The Creature Video Tour that just went down over the last 8 weeks... So to tie you over heres an In The Park from the tour stop in Abuquerque!!!

Fatback: Creature [26/5/2017]
Joe Brook cruised around the backroads of the USA, snapping pics and getting bootleg footy, while The Fiends put the finishing touches on their recent full-length.

CSFU Full Video [28/4/2017]
Available for the first time Officially from Creature since its 2012 release, here is CSFU in its entirety....

Creature InstaHits 2016 [31/12/2016]
Heres a Montage of sorts from some of the clips that made it to the Creature Skateboards Instagram this year.

Kevin Bkkel on Creature [23/12/2016]
Creature has officially welcomed Kevin Bkkel to the team with this re-mixed edit from his part in the HITIT video out of Copenhagen.

Creature Rata Rampa Commercial [17/11/2016]
Creature Skateboards commercial for Navs Rata Rampa deck.

King of the Road 2016 Teams [15/10/2016]
Thrasher has announced the King of the Road season 2 team profiles.

Creach at the Ol Helsinki Barrier 2016 Tour Footy [20/9/2016]
Creature recently lurked through Europe on their Euro Foxtrot Tour. Heres a lil clip of Gravette, Kimbel, Reyes, Baekkel and Partanen getting busy on a Barrier in Helsinki, Finland.

John Gardner on Creature [14/4/2016]
Creature Skateboards has welcomed John Gardner to the team with this remix of his newest part in the Bruns 2 video.

Peter Raffin at Mayfair Skatepark [12/1/2016]
Creature Fiend Peter Raffin hits up one of his local TFs in San Jose, Red Park, for this installment of In The Park.

Kevin Bkkel at the NHS TF [18/12/2015]
Kevin Baekkel AKA The Norweigian Hammer recently lurked Northern California dropping the hammer out in the streets. Kevin stopped through NHS in between destruction and hit the TF in the Cannery.

Commercial: Creature Babes Calendar [26/11/2015]
A behind the scenes look at the shoot for the new Creature Babes 2016 Calendar. You might want to sit down for this.

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