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Nyjah Huston is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Nyjah Imani Huston [full name]

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Nyjah Huston King of the Road Profile Interview [14/7/2018]
King of the Road Season 3: Nyjah Huston Profile

Whats Nyjah Hustons Setup? [9/7/2018]
X Games Minneapolis 2018 Skateboard Street invite Nyjah Huston discusses the setup balance between tech and big rail street skating.

Nyjah Huston Route One Interview [4/6/2018]
Talking Street League with Nyjah Huston. SLS legend and Nike pro Nyjah Huston answers five quick questions at the Monster Energy Street League stop in London.

Behind the Ad: Nyjah Til Death [14/3/2018]
Youve seen the ad. Nyjah talks through it.

Behind the scenes: Nyjah Hustons Thrasher Cover [11/3/2018]
Nyjah Huston takes you behind the scenes of his latest Thrasher cover.

Magnified: Nyjah Huston [5/3/2018]
Snapping a fakie ollie into something this big is bonafide danger, so Thrasher rewarded Nyjahs valor with an appearance on the cover.

Behind the Design: The Nyjah [5/3/2018]
Behind the design journey of Nyjahs first Nike SB signature shoe, The Nyjah.

Nyjah Huston Thrasher Interview [5/3/2018]
Thrasher Magazine interview with Nyjah Huston.

Full Part: Nyjah Huston Til Death [28/2/2018]
Til Death. Nyjahs vow to skateboarding. Renewed.

First Look: Nike SB Nyjah 1 [28/2/2018]
Nyjah Huston takes a look at his new pro shoe from Nike SB.

Nyjah Huston X Games Athlete Profile [29/6/2017]
X Games Skateboard Street prodigy Nyjah Huston discusses his plan of attack for X Games Minneapolis 2017, and what it takes to remain at the top of his sport.

Cribs: Nyjah Huston [22/6/2017]
What You Buy As The Worlds Highest-Paid Skater.

A Day in the Streets Skating with Nyjah Huston [22/4/2017]
Nyjah Huston takes us along for a ride as he hits the streets to stack some clips for his upcoming part for Element Skateboards.

Tampa Pro 2017 Confirmed Skaters #1 [26/2/2017]
The first 20 confirmed skaters for this years Tampa Pro contest has been announced.

Run and Gun 2016 Nyjah Huston [31/12/2016]
Nyjah Hustons run from this years Run and Gun contest.

Nyjah Huston Comments Interview [7/11/2016]
Skateboard Maazine got Nyjah Huston to respond to his Instagram comments.

Nyjah Huston OC Weekly Interview [11/6/2016]
OC Weekly did a story about Nyjah Huston.

Nyjah Huston Forbes Interview [25/4/2016]
Alana Glass interviewed Nyjah Huston for Forbes.

X Games 2016 Austin Riderslist [31/3/2016]
The riders for the X Games 2016 Austin event has been announced, with skaters from USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Belgium and Norway.

X Games Oslo 2016 Skateboard Results and Footage [26/2/2016]
Here are all the results from the X Games Oslo skateboarding contests.

X Games Oslo 2016 Skateboard Riderslist [25/2/2016]
Here is the riderslist for the X Games Oslo skateboard finals.

Nyjah Huston Elite Daily Interview [21/2/2016]
Nyjah Huston talks skating success, Nike SB and clean water in Ethiopia, in this Elite Daily interview.

Nyjah x Nike SB [3/1/2016]
Nike Skateboarding has officially welcomed Nyjah Huston to the team.

Nyjah Huston on Nike SB [13/12/2015]
Nyjah Huston has painted the Nike SB Logo in his private skatepark.

Nyjah Huston GQ Interview [2/12/2015]
Nyjah Huston talked to GQ about growing up on a strictly vegan diet and being a reformed vegan.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2015 Contenders [25/11/2015]
Here are the contenders for this years Thrasher Skater of the Year award.

The Continued Rise of Nyjah Huston [7/11/2015]
ESPN has a photo gallery documenting the continued rise of Nyjah Huston.

Nyjah Houston OMFG Part [2/11/2015]
What happens when you ask Nyjah if he has any footage laying around? You get 4 minutes you wont soon forget.

X Games Oslo 2016 Athletes Update [17/10/2015]
X Games announces the second wave of athletes invited to compete in X Games Oslo 2016.

Nyjah Huston Legal Trouble [15/9/2015]
Nyjah Huston is due in court in October to face a variety of charges including three counts of disturbing the peace, two counts of resisting a peace officer, four counts of public nuisance, and trespassing.

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