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Robert Dean Silva Burnquist, better known as Bob Burnquist, is a professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Robert Dean Silva Burnquist

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Bob Burnquist World Of X Games Interview [14/7/2018]
Skateboarding legend Bob Burnquist shocked the masses when he walked away from Skateboard Big Air in 2017, saying that the future was in the youths hands. But he hasnt completely wrapped up his skateboarding career.

Bob Burnquist Jenkem Interview [3/5/2018]
Jenkem Magazine talked to Bob Burnquist.

Bob Burnquist IMDb Profile [6/1/2018]
Bob Burnquist Internet Movie Database Profile

Bob Burnquist X Games Profile [23/12/2017]
Bob Burnquist X Games Profile

Bob Burnquist Visits Leticia Bufoni [21/10/2017]
Join Bob Burnquist for a visit to Leticia Bufonis house.

Bob Burnquist X Games An Emotional Run Interview [18/7/2017]
Bob Burnquist unexpectedly announced his retirement from X Games competition following the Big Air competition at X Games Minneapolis. Here, he explains why he chose a new path in life.

Bob Burnquist announces X Games retirement [17/7/2017]
Skateboard Big Air veteran Bob Burnquist has skated at every X Games since the beginning in 1995. In Minneapolis, he announced the end of his run.

Bob Burnquist X Games Athlete Profile [2/7/2017]
X Games Skateboard Big Air veteran Bob Burnquist already has 30 X Games medals to his name, but heading into X Games Minneapolis 2017, hes not satisfied just yet.

X Games 2016 Austin Riderslist [31/3/2016]
The riders for the X Games 2016 Austin event has been announced, with skaters from USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Belgium and Norway.

Skateboarding Hightlights 2015 [31/1/2016]
Here is a look back at some of the skateboarding hightlights of 2015.

Bob Burnquist Loops Without Entry Ramp [18/10/2012]
Bob Burnquist was the first skateboarder to be able to loop in a tube without an entry ramp. Such a feat was conquered on November 23, 2003 at 4:20 pm California time, a few days after skateboarding legend Tony Hawk fractured his pelvis trying to complete the looping in the same tube.

Bob Burnquist Does The Loop Switch [11/2/2012]
First time ever the loop was done switch. Tampa 2001.

Skateboarding Hall of Fame 2010 [15/11/2010]
Here are the 2010 skateboarding hall of fame inductees.

Bob Burnquist Fakie 900 To Fakie [15/9/2010]
Bob Burnquist fakie 900 to fakie on his backyard megaramp.

Ipath Blazed and Confused Tour 2010 Footage [6/8/2010]
Ipath Footwear finished up their Blazed and Confused East Cost Tour last month. Here is some footage and information.

Eco Cup 2009 Results [17/6/2009]
Version Wireless and Rude Boyz partnered with with the Harmony Festival and the installation of a world-class professional skate competition, the Eco-Cup. Here are the results

Pro Tec Pool Party 2009 Footage [25/5/2009]
The 5th Annual Pro-Tec Pool Party was held in the combi-bowl at the Vans Skatepark recently. Here is some photage from the event.

Pro Tec Pool Party 2009 Results [17/5/2009]
The 5th Annual Pro-Tec Pool Party was held in the combi-bowl at the Vans Skatepark yesterday. Here are the results.

Team Update: Independent [10/4/2009]
The Independent Truck Company has added Joey Brezinski, Bob Burnquist and Javier Nunez to their skateboarding team. Here is some information.

Oi Megarampa 2008 Results [28/11/2008]
The Oi MegaRampa skateboard contest was held in Sao Paulo. Brazil last weekend. Check out the contest results from this epic event here.

Bob Burnquist on Ipath [14/11/2007]
Ipath has announced that Bob Burnquist is the latest addition to their skateboarding team. Here is some information.

Team Update: Flip Skateboards [14/3/2006]
Rodrigo TX, Bob Burnquist and Lance Mountain has been added to the Flip Skateboards Pro lineup. Here is some information.

World Cup Skateboarding Tour 2000 Results [19/12/2004]
Here are the results from the 2000 World Cup Skateboarding Tour.

Bob Burnquist Makes Skateboard Loop History [12/12/2003]
Making skateboarding history, Burnquist looped his infamous backyard twelve-foot steel full pipe Nov 23rd, 2003 at 4:20pm.

TransWorld Skateboarding Awards 1999 Results [15/1/2004]
The TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards honored winners of the TWS Readers Poll and Riders Poll in various categories, plus top finishers in last years contests. Here are the results.