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Session Kristiansand was a skateshop in Kristiansand, Norway, that was open between 2008 and 2013.

Also known as: Session Kristiansand

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Noah Berglihn with Session Kristiansand [14/11/2012]
Session Kristiansand has welcomed Noah Berglihn to the team. Here is a clip and some information.

Almost 5-Incher Norway Premier [3/6/2012]
Almost days are being held in skateshops all over Norway next week for the premier of 5-Incher.

Brain Wash Film Tour 2010 Norway [10/11/2010]
The new Toy Machine movie is going on tour around Norway Here is the schedule and some information.

DCs It Premier Tour 2010 [4/11/2010]
Expect FIlms and Cyclone Distribution invites you to DCs IT premier around the country this month. Here is some infomation about the events.

Red Bull Manny Mania 2010 Norway [10/5/2010]
Red Bull Manny Mania is coming to Norway. Check out the schedule and information here.

Enjoy Highest Ollie at Session [9/7/2009]
The next round of the Enjoi Highest Ollie contest goes down at all Session skateshops today. Here is the information.

Forum or Against em Tour Norway [13/11/2008]
The new movie from Forum Snowboards is set to tour across the country to be shown at selected skateshops. Here is some information on the when and where of the events.

The New Kickflip World Record Is 1424 [19/9/2008]
Christian Brekke set a new world record of 1424 consecutive kickflips during the Krux Kickflip Challenge qualification in Bergen.

Krux Kickflip Challenge Norway Results [15/9/2008]
Here are the results from the norwegian finale of the Krux Kickflip Challenge skateboard contest, held at Rdhuset in Oslo, Norway.

Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 [12/6/2008]
It is time for this years Krux Kickflip Challenge. Can you beat the norwegian record of 508 kickflips, or maybe even the world record of 1200 kickflips? Here is some information on the events and locations around the country.