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Marcus Alex Shaw is a Scottish skateboarder.

Also known as: Marcus Alexander Shaw of Tordarroch [full name]

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Marcus Shaw at Teater Plaza [29/11/2018]
A videopart with Marcus Shaw. Filmed at Teaterplassen between june-oct 2018, with his homies Magnus Bordewick and Jacob Elveli.

Full Part: Magnus Bordewick adidas Part [1/6/2018]
Magnus is the first full-length adidas Skateboarding part by Magnus Bordewick. From his hometown of Oslo, Magnus traveled to Philadelphia, Spain and Taiwan with fellow teammates, Heitor da Silva and Hermann Stene to film the part. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Threee Episode 2 [25/2/2018]
Adidas Skateboarding THREEE Episode 2.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Riderslist [15/12/2017]
43 invited skaters from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and USA are coming to the All Terrain Ripper contest at Oslo Skatehall.

Session Invitational 2017 Results and Footage [13/8/2017]
Here are the results and footage from all the Session Invitational stops.

Session Invitational 2017 Riderslist [4/8/2017]
Here are the invited skaters for the 18th annual Session Invitational.

Marcus Shaw at Oslo Skatehall [30/1/2017]
Marcus Shaw shows you a couple tricks at the new indoor skatepark in Oslo.

Oslo Games 2016 Results and Footage [10/10/2016]
Here are the results and footage from this years Oslo Games.

Oslo Games 2016 4th Place Footage [10/10/2016]
Team Strm placed fourth in this years Oslo Games contest. Here is the video.

Oslo Games 2016 Team Martin [23/9/2016]
Martin Stuve Strm has picked out his crew for this years Oslo Games Go.

Marcus Shaw Full Part [2/8/2016]
Marcus Shaw has a new full part out. Watch it here.

Oslo in April [12/5/2016]
Martin Stuve Strm has put out a new HD video featuring some Oslo spots.

Hst Bust 2015 Results and Footage [23/11/2015]
Here are results from this years Hst Bust at Arena Bekkestua.

Bernhard Launches Norwegian Palace Team [6/10/2015]
Bernhard Sports recently got the distribution of Palace Skateboards in Norway, and has added Marcus Shaw to the team.

Skate Oslo with Michael Sommer [20/7/2015]
Join Michael Sommer and friends for a day of skating in Oslo, Norway.

Bernhard Sports Invitational 2015 Riderslist [11/6/2015]
Here is the complete riderslist for the 16th annual Bernhard Sports Invitational contest.

Marcus Shaw at Camp Vierli [3/6/2015]
Marcus Shaw skates at Camp Vierli.

Spotcheck: Storo Kjpesenter Skatepark April 2015 [20/4/2015]
A small Rhino skatepark is now ready at Storo Shopping Mall.

Oslo ~0C Video [19/3/2015]
Krzysztof Godek sums up the cold winter with this edit from Arena Bekkestua.

BSI 2014 Results [30/6/2014]
Here are results from this years Bernhard Sports Invitational.

Marcus Shaw at Cyclone Skatepark [1/12/2012]
Marcus Shaw takes you for a solid lunch at the Norwegian DC office.

Marcus Shaw on Lakai [15/1/2012]
Marcus Shaw is now wearing Lakai Footwear. Here is some information.

BSI 2011 Riderslist [18/6/2011]
Here is the list of invited riders, and wildcard winners, for this years Bernhard Sports Invitational.

Team Update: Swag [1/6/2011]
Swag has made some changes to the skate team, and put out a promo video with the new team.

Marcus Shaw for Habitat [28/9/2010]
Habitat Skateboards has put out a video introdusing Marcus Shaw. Here is the clip and some information..

NORB NM 2010 Results and Footage [16/8/2010]
The Norwegian Skateboard championships were held in Kristiansand last weekend. Here are the complete results from the events.

Extremly Sorry Best Trick Bekkestua Results [23/10/2009]
Flip held a best trick contest at Arena Bekkestua during the premier of their new movie. Here are the results from the event.

Kanalsession 11 Results and Footage [25/8/2009]
The eleventh Kanalsession was held last weekend at Bromsjordet. Here are the results from the contests.

Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2007 Results [26/3/2008]
Here are the results from the annual x-mas jam contest held at Trikkestallen Skatepark in Trondheim, Norway.