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Skatepark in Elverum, Norway.

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Spotcheck: Elverum Skatepark November 2018 [29/11/2018]
Betongpark has built a new flowpark in Elverum.

Elverum Got New Skatepark [8/11/2018]
Betongpark has laid down some concrete in Elverum.

Terningen Arena Gets Built Without Skatepark [8/9/2013]
Elverum has decided to build the outdoor part of Terningen Arena without a skatepark.

Elverum moves skatepark location [7/6/2013]
The decision to not build the skatepark at Terningen could result delays or no skatepark at all for the skaters in Elverum.

New Skatepark In Elverum Next Year? [17/11/2011]
Elverum could get a new skatepark with the construction of the outdoor part of Terningen. Here is some information.

Elverum Could Get Back Skatepark [19/5/2009]
Elverum Kommune might have to replace the skatepark they tore down last year, or pay back the money granted for it. Here is some information.