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DC Shoes is an American footwear company.

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Commercial: John Shanahan Yours For The Taking [8/8/2018]
As dynamic as he is talented. John Shanahan peels back the layers of what Yours for the Taking means to him. New York City might just be the ideal backdrop for this multi-talented, one of a kind, fashion forward Skateboarder.

Commercial: DC Shoes The John Shanahan Collection [8/8/2018]
The John Shanahan Collection: A modern take on heritage athletics. Fashionable and functional.

Commercial: DC Shoes Softest Hard [8/8/2018]
When she isnt touring or at the studio she enjoys spending her free time at the beach, reading books, and spending quality time with friends and by herself. DJing she has a heavy ear in rap and hip hop but she enjoys playing footwork/jersey club, her original production is made up with melodic pads and synths with heavy bass 808s.

Commercial: DC Shoes The Lynx [11/7/2018]
DC Shoes The Lynx.

Tour Footage: DC Shoes Norway Mallorca 2018 [30/6/2018]
DC shoes Norway did a skateboarding trip to Mallorca and it was great!

Commercial: Cyril Jackson Yours For The Taking [27/6/2018]
Introducing the E.Tribeka with Cyril Jackson. A frequent flyer with a storied past Cyril Jackson now calls Los Angeles home base. Dont let Cyrils day job as a professional Skateboarder solely define him. He has many diverse outlets from Music to Cooking that keep his virtual world expanding and the homies entertained and fed.

Tour Footage: DC Shoes Latam Supertour 2018 [10/5/2018]
February 2018 saw the DC Skateboarding team travel to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. The boys stepped up and delivered across the 5 country stops. Now you get to sit in front of your interweb device and feel like you were a part of the whole thing!

DC Shoes presents Choppy D [31/1/2018]
Too much incredible footage hit the cutting room floor from DC Shoes travels over the last year. They felt they owed it to everyone to share what was left while they start rippin 2018 a new one.

Tiago Lemos DC Shoes Profile [11/11/2017]
Here is Tiago Lemos profile on the DC Shoes website.

DC Special Delivery Tour 2017 Footage [18/10/2017]
DC Special Delivery Tour was back for the 3rd consecutive and made its way through Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, London, Paris and Berlin this last summer to check out Europes top skate spots and meet the locals.

Tiago Lemos DC Shoes Pro Model [10/7/2017]
Unless youve been living under a rock, its no surprise that Tiago Lemos is getting his own pro shoe.

Tiago Lemos DC Signature Shoe [30/1/2017]
DC Shoes is releasing a Tiago Lemos signature shoe.

Mike Mo Off DC [7/11/2016]
DC Shoes chose not to renew the contract with Mike Mo Capaldi when it expired.

DC Special Delivery Tour II UK 2016 Tour Footage [10/10/2016]
Here are the highlights from the DC Shoes Special Delivery II tour in the United Kindom.

DC Special Delivery II France Tour Footage 2016 [21/9/2016]
Here are the highlights from the DC Special Delivery Tour in France.

DC Special Delivery II Scandinavia Tour Footage [20/9/2016]
Here is some footage from the DC Shoes Special Delivery Tour in Scandinavia.

DC Special Delivery II Germany Tour 2016 Footage [13/9/2016]
Here is some footage from the DC Shoes Special Delivery II tour to Germany.

DC Shoes Irvine Demo 2016 Footage [29/8/2016]
The DC team did a demo at the Irvine Spectrum Center and signing at the Active Rideshop. Check out ripping from Cyril Jackson, Davis Torgerson, Tommy Fynn, Wes Kremer and many more.

DC Special Delivery Tour 2: Norway [26/7/2016]
Here is some more information on the Norwegian leg of the DC Special Delivery tour.

DC Special Delivery Tour 2: Scandinavian Tour [20/7/2016]
DC Shoes has annouced that The Special Delivery Tour II will be in Scandinavy, stopping in the most influent cities and skate spots in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

DC Shoes US Eh? 2016 Summer Tour Footage [14/7/2016]
We all know Summer means road trips, and with that in mind DC Shoes loaded the van and headed out on the U.S.Eh? Northeast Summer Tour. From Maryland to Montreal, and everywhere in between, the team ripped the parks, hit the shops, and met a ton of amazing people along the way!

DC Italy in Malaga 2016 Tour Footage [26/6/2016]
In april the DC Italy skateboarding team spent one week in south Spain visiting the city of Malaga and Cordoba.

Carlos Iqui and Tiago Lemos on the DC Pro team [24/5/2016]
DC Shoes has welcomed Carlos Iqui and Tiago Lemos to the global pro team, after they turned pro with Boulevard Skateboards.

Team Updates [15/1/2016]
Rob Dyrdek is off DC, Chad Muska is off Element and Boo Jonson is no longer on Mountain Dew.

Evan Smith Gets Signature Shoe [10/1/2016]
Evan Smith has got his first signature shoe with DC Shoes.

New Norwegian DC Shoes Team [4/8/2015]
The Norwegian DC Shoes is back again with a new team lineup.

Nyjah Huston N2 Commercial [12/2/2015]
DC Shoes introduces the N2 by Nyjah Huston.

Team Update: DC Shoes [19/12/2014]
DC Shoes has welcomed Tristan Funkhouser and Bobby De Keyzer to the global team. Here is the clip.

Team Update: DC Shoes [19/12/2014]
DC Shoes are proud to welcome Tristan Funkhouser and Bobby De Keyzer to the global team. Their two unique styles come together in this amazing video piece for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and enjoy.

DC Shoes Initials Tour 2014 Footage [12/12/2014]
The DC team made a much anticipated trip to Europe this summer, hitting the rich skate landscapes of Portugal and France. Here is some footage.

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