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Michael Sommer is a Norwegian skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Session x Final Supplies Wilderness Tour 2018 [1/7/2018]
Session and Final Supplies are going on a skate and bbq tour, with a screening of footage from the tour at the final stop in Oslo.

Tour Footage: Nike SB Europe in BCN [24/6/2018]
Nike SB Europe doing their thing in Barcelona.

Michael Sommer Almost World Report Oslo [20/11/2017]
Almost World Report is a view into our extended family around the world. And we are kicking this one off with Norways smooth operator with style for miles Michael Sommer with this VX part filmed entirely in his home town of Oslo.

Session Invitational 2017 Riderslist [4/8/2017]
Here are the invited skaters for the 18th annual Session Invitational.

NORB NM 2017 Results and Footage [30/7/2017]
Here are the final results and footage from this years Norwegian skateboard championships.

Almost A Minute Episode 3 [18/4/2017]
Episode three of Almost a Minute features the Almost team riders out in the streets having some fun.

Oslo Skatehall Michael Sommer Line [3/2/2017]
A little line from Michael Sommer at the new indoor skatepark in Oslo.

Oslo Skatehall Michael Sommer Footage [28/1/2017]
Michael Sommer does a couple of maneuvers at the new indoor skatepark in Oslo.

Oslo Games 2016 Results and Footage [10/10/2016]
Here are the results and footage from this years Oslo Games.

Oslo Games 2016 4th Place Footage [10/10/2016]
Team Strm placed fourth in this years Oslo Games contest. Here is the video.

Oslo Games 2016 Team Martin [23/9/2016]
Martin Stuve Strm has picked out his crew for this years Oslo Games Go.

Game of Skate vs Michael Sommer [17/8/2016]
Michael Sommer plays a Game of Skate against the kids at Haugenstua.

NORB NM 2016 Results and Footage [31/7/2016]
Here are the results from the Norwegian skateboard championships held at Tasta Skatepark in Stavanger.

Full Part: Michael Sommer Next Wave [2/7/2016]
With an impressive outing this years Battle At The Berrics 9, the world got acquainted with Sommers incredible precision. The summer of Sommer starts now.

Michaels Sommers Nollie Bigspin Kickflip [26/6/2016]
Michael Sommer shows you how to do a proper Nollie Bigspin Kickflip in this Trickipedia video from The Berrics.

Michael Sommer Bangin [28/4/2016]
Michael Sommer flew the Atlantic, navigated the pits of LA traffic, battled Carlos Iqui in round 1 of New Blood... And managed to film this incredible Bangin! The days of Sommer are here.

Michael Sommer Playboard Interview [12/4/2016]
Playboard talked to Michael Sommer about BATB9, meeting Carlos Iqui, nerves, tactics and who he hopes to meet next.

Battle at the Berrics 9 [19/3/2016]
The 9th Battle at the Berrics will feature a lineup with some new blood.

Full Part: Michael Sommer VX Part [9/3/2016]
Here is another full part from Norwegian skater Michael Sommer.

Skateboarding Hightlights 2015 [31/1/2016]
Here is a look back at some of the skateboarding hightlights of 2015.

Nike SB The Bridge 2015 Tour Footage [18/1/2016]
The Bridge is not a Scandinavian crime drama television series, but a clip featuring the Nike SB Euro team, filmed in 4 days in Malmo and Copenhagen.

Sommer Invitational 2015 Results and Footage [24/8/2015]
Here are results and footage from this years Michael Sommer Invitational.

Skate Oslo with Michael Sommer [20/7/2015]
Join Michael Sommer and friends for a day of skating in Oslo, Norway.

Trick: 360 Flip With Michael Sommer [13/6/2015]
Michael Sommer shows you how to 3flip in this My Favorite Trick video.

Skate School in Ulsteinvik [2/6/2015]
Michael Sommer and Robin Lindquist will be teaching skateboarding in Ulsteinvik 10. June 2015.

Michael Sommer at Stoner Plaza [26/5/2015]
Here are some raw clips of Michael Sommer at Stoner Plaza.

Michael Sommer at Cherry Park [25/4/2015]
Here are is a clip of Michael Sommer skating Cherry Park.

Michael Sommer Playboard Interview [21/4/2015]
Michael Sommer talks about hit trip to USA and filming in his latest Playboard interview.

Michael Sommer vs Nollie Heel Late Shuv [12/4/2015]
Michael Sommer battles the Nollie Heel Late Shuv.

Nollie Frontside Flip With Michael Sommer [22/3/2015]
Michael Sommer shows you Nollie Frontside Flip in this My Favorite Trick clip.

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