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Faelledparken Skatepark is a large outdoor skatepark in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Also known as: flledparken skatepark / Copenhagen Skatepark

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Pro-Tecs Vertical Vacation Video [11/1/2019]
This whole video is stellar but Jimmy Wilkins ollie oop over the channel is GD beautiful. Click play. Get stoked. Then go skate a ramp taller than you are.

Vert Build at Flledparken Skatepark [26/5/2018]
The new vert ramp at Flledparken will open next week.

Flledparken Skatepark Vert Update [13/4/2018]
The vert has been torn down, and a new will be built.

Flledparken Skatepark Vert Update [5/9/2017]
The vert ramp at Flledparken Skatepark is being fixed.

Vert In Poor Condition At Flledparken Skatepark [1/7/2017]
After only five years, the vert ramp at Flledparken is falling to pieces, but there are plans to renovate it this fall.

Rune Glifberg at Flledparken Skatepark [4/5/2017]
Rune cruises around his local park in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Flledparken Skatepark Gets Vert Renovation [25/6/2016]
The vert ramp at Flledparken Skatepark is in poor condition, but the city has now decided it will be renovated before the end of 2016.

Scooter Kid Fined at Flledparken Skatepark [26/8/2015]
According to a facebook post the police in Copenhagen has fined a scooter kid 2500 DKK / 340 for trespassing at Flledparken Skatepark.

Skaters Kill Tree At Flledparken Skatepark [7/7/2014]
Skaters are suspected of killing a 125 year old chestnut tree at Flledparken Skatepark.

Spotcheck: Flledparken Skatepark June 2013 [1/5/2014]
Here is another checkout from Flledparken Skatepark in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Vans Shop Riots 2013 Nordic Results [30/9/2013]
11 teams from Danish, Swedish and Finnish core shops battled it out at Flledparken in Copenhagen.

Spotcheck: Flledparken Skatepark July 2012 [24/10/2012]
Freddy visited the concrete skatepark at Flledparken this summer. Here is another photo update.

Steffen Austerheim at Flledparken Skatepark [2/9/2012]
Steffen came down for the Copenhagen Open contest at the new concert park during the Copenhagen Pro madness week. Here are a few tricks of him warming up.

Skaters Against Kickbikes [30/8/2012]
Seems Scandinavian skateboarders have grown tired of the kickbicke menace. Here are some reactions to the problem.

Flledparken gets Europes biggest vert ramp [17/8/2012]
Construction has started on what will be the biggest vert ramp in Europe. Here is some informaiton.

Spotcheck: Flledparken Skatepark April 2012 [22/7/2012]
Here are some pictures from the new concrete skatepark at Flledparken in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bowl Days 2012 Flledparken Results and Footage [9/7/2012]
The second Danish Bowl Days contest of the season was held at Flledparken. Here are the results and footage from the event.

Trick scooters linger at Flledparken [10/4/2012]
Seems there is still a problem with kids on trick scooters at Flledparken in spite of the ban.

Flledparken to launch guidlines [17/12/2011]
Due to the dispute amongst the users, a decicion has been made on guidelines for using Flledparken Skatepark in Copenhagen.

Flledparken Wins rets Betongpris 2011 [27/11/2011]
The new skatepark in Copenhagen won Veidekkes honorary award, rets Betongpris 2011. Here is some information.

Dispute over new CPH skatepark [29/10/2011]
The popularity of the new skatepark in Copenhagen seems to have led to some dispute amongst its users.

WITP 2011 Europe Results and Footage [28/9/2011]
The European Wild in the Parks final was held in Copenhagen last weekend. Here are the results and footage.

Etnies FU Tour 2011 [12/8/2011]
Etnies is visiting Finland, Norway, Denmark and Holland during their 2011 Fu Tour. Here is the information.

Rune Glifberg 25 Year Anniversary Footage [26/6/2011]
Rune Glifberg celebrated his silver anniversary in skateboarding at the new Flledparken. Here is some footage from the event.

Kongeflippet 2011 Footage [27/8/2011]
Here is footae from Kongeflippet held at Flledparken Skatepark in Copenhagen, Denmark.

New Flledparken Skatepark Under Construction [20/7/2010]
Construction of the new concrete skatepark at Flledparken in Copenhagen is well on its way. Here is some information.

Spotcheck: Faelledparken Skatepark July 2008 [8/7/2008]
On our last day in Copenhagen, while waiting for the boat back to Norway, we paid a short visit to Faelledparken Skatepark. Here are some pictures and information.