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A 180 Kickflip is a skateboard trick where the rider and board rotates 180 degrees, while flipping the board with the toe of the front foot, to make it spin 180 degrees along the boards long axis.

Also known as: Frontside Kickflip / Backside Kickflip / Frontside Flip / Backside Flip / FS Flip / BS Flip

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Trick Tip: Frontside Flip with Sewa Kroetkov. [10/3/2019]
Sewa Kroetkov present his first trick tip on his own YouTube channel!

Trick Tip: Curren Caples FS Kickflip on Tranny [2/4/2013]
Curren Caples shows you how to Frontside Kickflip on Transition in this Step By Step Skate Trick Tip video from Alli Sports.

Trick Tip: SS FS Kickflip with August Aalstad [2/7/2011]
August Aalstad show syou how to switch frontside kickflip in this trick tip.

Trick Tip: Frontside Kickflip with Kevin Bækkel [13/1/2010]
Learn how to frontside kickflip with Kevin Bækkel.