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Mark Gonzales is an American professional skateboarder, author, poet, and artist.

Also known as: The Gonz [nickname]

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Mark Gonzales Hypebeast Interview [4/7/2019]
Hypebeast meets up with artist Mark Gonzales in his Lower East Side studio. The Supreme team member still skates, but has mellowed from his raucous early years.

Mark Gonzales /// Aloha Super [19/8/2018]
In celebration of two decades of working together, adidas Skateboarding and Mark Gonzales hosted Showcase X at Milk Studios in New York City to celebrate creativity and freedom of expression.

Full Part: Mark Gonzales OG REAL to Reel Edit [2/6/2018]
To celebrate Marks 50th birthday Real Skateboards decided to share the OG premiere version of his REAL to Reel part. Enjoy. We love you Mark!

MemoryScreen #10: Mark Gonzales [2/6/2018]
Mark Gonzales MemoryScreen video.

Commercial: adidas X Krooked [22/4/2018]
adidas Skateboarding has teamed up with Mark Gonzales and his brainchild, Krooked Skateboards for the second installment of the adidas x Krooked collaboration.

Mark Gonzales Hypebeast Interview [20/4/2018]
Gonz also discusses new tricks, listening to Lorde when he skates, and more.

Mark Gonzales HS Feature [14/4/2018]
Mark Gonzales High Snobiety Feature

Trick Tip: Fingeflip Lien to Tail with The Gonz [11/3/2018]
How too perform a finger flip lean to tail explained by Jake Phelps performed by Mark Gonzales.

Commercial: Mark Gonzales NYC [15/2/2018]
Mark Gonzales rolls around Bay Ridge Skate park in his newly released Full Cut in honor of its release. Style on the outside as well as on the inside.

Mark Gonzales on Pro-Tec [21/11/2016]
Pro-Tec has welcomed Mark Gonzales to the team.

LA Stories with Snoop and Gonz [29/10/2016]
Channeling their shared experiences of Los Angeles, this Mark Gonzales and Snoop Dogg collaboration comes to life in a complete collection you dont want to miss.

A Day With Gonz [20/10/2016]
Out in NYC, waiting at Tompkins for 2 hours is nothing new. But our wait ending in Chico and Rick showing up on bikes with Gonz was a scenario none of us saw coming. Mark took us all over the city, turned our average day into an extraordinary one, and then disappeared like a ghost.

The Origin of the Noseblunt Interview [13/10/2016]
Transworld talked to Mark Gonzales about the origins of the noseblunt and the noseblunt slide.

Jeff Grossos Love Notes Episode 2 [30/7/2016]
In the second installment of Love Notes, Gonz reveals who his least favorite skate video maker is, Peter Hewitt talks about his favorite skate videos and Arto sends some love to Finlands Top Doggie Lightman.

Mark Gonzales Rolling Stone Interview [14/7/2016]
Rolling Stone Magazine did an interview with Mark Gonzales.

Full Video: The Mark Gonzales Ride [2/7/2016]
The Mark Gonzales Ride Short Documentary

Gonz & adidas Skateboarding Interview [10/1/2016]
Mark Gonzales sits down at his art studio in New York City to discuss the evolution of adidas court shoes, their involvement in skateboarding and his first Thrasher cover in them.

Savannah Slamma 1987 Results and Footage [1/4/2014]
Here are results from the first Savannah Slamma contest, held in August at the Civic Centre Arena in 1987, and the full Savannah Slamma video documenting it.

Mark Gonzales Interview [9/8/2012]
Here is an interview with the gonz from Charles Serre.

Skateboarding Hall of Fame 2012 [7/4/2012]
The 2012 Skateboarding Hall of Fame inductees have been released. Here is the information.

Mark Gonzales Wallie at Brooklyn Banks [13/9/2006]
Mark Gonzales Wallie at Brooklyn Banks

TWS Awards 2006 Results [31/5/2006]
Here are the 8th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards Winners!

Oceanside Street Attack 1986 Results and Footage [24/11/2004]
Here are results and footage from the 1986 Oceanside Street Attack contest.