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Larvik Skatehall was an indoor skatepark in Larvik, Norway. It is now closed.

Also known as: Larvikshallen

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Larvik Indoor Skatepark Is Closing [23/11/2009]
A last contest and party is being arranged at the old firestation in Larvik this weekend, before it gets closed down by city. Here is some information on whats happening.

A Day at Larvik Indoor Skatepark [17/8/2009]
Rainy day skate at Larvik Skatehall.

Larvik Indoor Skatepark Footage [13/7/2009]
Here is a clip from the indoor skatepark in Larvik.

Go Skateboarding Week in Larvik [18/4/2009]
Larvik Skateboardklubb, RIST and Finn Talentet is arranging Go Skateboarding Week in Larvik to show the skaters dedication for the new skatepark at Mnejordet. Here is the program for the week.

Hermann Stene at Larvik Skatehall [29/12/2008]
A day at Larvik Skatehall with Hermann Stene.

Shit SBTC Tour 2008 Results [17/12/2008]
The Shit SBTC 2008 Tour has been visiting indoor skateparks to hold their best trick contest. Here are the results from all four stops of the tour.

Larvik Skatepark Soundproofing [14/12/2008]
Today, sunday 14. december, Larvik Skateboardclub invites you to help out with soundproofing the indoor skatepark i the old firestation. Here is some more information.

Larvik Soundproofing Contest Results [14/12/2008]
Last weekend a contest was held at Larvik Skatepark to raise money for soundproofing. Here are the results.

Larvik Indoor Miniramp Session [21/11/2008]
Larvik Indoor Miniramp Session

Shit SBTC Tour 2008 Update [20/11/2008]
The Shit SBTC Tour has been to Larvik and Fredrikstad, and the next stops are Bergen and kra. Here is a tour update and the results so far.

Shit SBTC Tour 2008 [11/11/2008]
The seventh annual Shit SBTC Tour is being kicked off this week and Larvik and Fredrikstad is on the program. Here is some more information on this years tour.

Hermann Stene Rail Session #2 [27/2/2008]
Hermann Stene Rail Session at the indoor skatepark in Larvik.

Hermann Stene Rail Session #1 [30/1/2008]
Hermann Stene Rail Session at the indoor skatepark in Larvik.