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Session store in Akershus, Norway.

Also known as: Session Strmmen AS

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Session Strmmen Contest May 2014 [8/5/2014]
Jan Henrik Kongstein, Michael Sommer, Hermann Stene og Henning Braaten are holding a skateshow and best trick contest outside Strmmen Storsenter.

Session Strmmen Railjam [29/1/2013]
Session Strmmen is arranging a rail jam event. Here is some information.

Strmmen Rail Jam 2012 [14/12/2012]
Session Strmmen is arranging a railjam tomorrow. Here is some information.

This is Not a Test Norway Dates [19/5/2011]
The new am movie from Blind is being released in Norway this month. Here is some information on the schedule of events.

Forum Chilidog Tour [4/11/2009]
The Forum Chillydog Tour kicks off tomorrow, and is set to visit cities around the country this month. Here is some information on the tour and schedule.

Session Railjam and Team Signing [10/10/2009]
Session is arranging a railjam and team signings with the DC snow team for their winter opening today. Here is some information.

Enjoy Highest Ollie at Session [9/7/2009]
The next round of the Enjoi Highest Ollie contest goes down at all Session skateshops today. Here is the information.

Forum or Against em Tour Norway [13/11/2008]
The new movie from Forum Snowboards is set to tour across the country to be shown at selected skateshops. Here is some information on the when and where of the events.

The New Kickflip World Record Is 1424 [19/9/2008]
Christian Brekke set a new world record of 1424 consecutive kickflips during the Krux Kickflip Challenge qualification in Bergen.

Krux Kickflip Challenge Norway Results [15/9/2008]
Here are the results from the norwegian finale of the Krux Kickflip Challenge skateboard contest, held at Rdhuset in Oslo, Norway.

Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 [12/6/2008]
It is time for this years Krux Kickflip Challenge. Can you beat the norwegian record of 508 kickflips, or maybe even the world record of 1200 kickflips? Here is some information on the events and locations around the country.