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Lakai Footwear is an American footwear company.

Also known as: Lakai Limited Footwear / Lakai Footwear Limited

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Commercial: Lakai x Baker Riley Hawk Collection [17/6/2019]
Riley came to Lakai after the launch of his Dads shoe, inspired by the commercial that Tony and Manchild had created. He wanted to do something similar, a conceptual commercial with a collection to match. Riley decided to create an 80s Dogtown vibe with the shoes, apparel, and commercial. Baker was down to make it a co-branded project, and the rest is history.

Tour Footage: No Rest in the North West [13/5/2019]
A two week skate trip to the North West in the middle of winter? Sounds insane, but with a Simon Bannerot and James Capps colorway coming out there was only one way to kick things off properly: a good old road trip to the guys hometowns. With a full crew packed in the van and an overload of stoke, they headed out with their hopes high and our fingers crossed. The Skate Gods had our backs and we skated every day, for 2 weeks straight, with an occasional snow ball fight and sledding rev snuck in.

Commercial: Stevie Perez Full Part for the Flaco 2 [21/3/2019]
Stevie Perezs second signature Lakai model makes its debut.

Tour Footage: Lakai La Flareto Rico Tour [11/2/2019]
Puerto Rico is an amazing place with great people, food, beaches, and an abundance of skate spots. Yonnie Cruzs family lives there, so with him as their guide they covered a lot of miles up, down, and across the island.

Tour Footage: Lakai Japan Tour [21/1/2019]
Lakai headed to Tokyo, Japan for the launch of Tony Hawks inaugural Lakai shoe, The Proto.

Lakai Oceanside Skatepark Demo [21/12/2018]
The Lakai team headed down to Prince Park in Oceanside, CA to skate, barbecue, and toss out a bunch of product. The guys ripped every inch of the park and hundreds of dogs were grilled for everyone that came out.

Commercial: Griffin Gass for Lakai x EPMD [21/12/2018]
Lakai has released their latest collaboration with legendary hip-hop group EPMD of New York City. The footwear and apparel collection is inspired by EPMDs first album, Strictly Business as it hits its 30 year anniversary.

Commercial: Lakai x Theories [21/12/2018]
Check out this full East Coast meets West Coast edit featuring Yonnie and Vincent skating through New York City and Downtown Los Angeles.

Commercial: Hawk and Pacheco for the Lakai Proto [1/10/2018]
Tony Hawks signature shoe for Lakai makes its debut. Lakai needed a video for it, and Tyler Manchild Pacheco said he had an idea. Well, here it is!

Lakai in San Francisco for the Cambridge [18/7/2018]
Lakai teamed up with our friend, OG professional skateboarder Jovontae Turner, and created a shoe with his ideas and input. Being an innovator of style and footwear in skateboarding, they felt that Jovontae should have a shoe with his own twist on it, that matches his stylish aesthetic on and off the board. What better way to celebrate than to grab Carroll, Tae, and the crew and head back to the place where it all began.

Commercial: Lakai x Leon Karssen [29/6/2018]
Lakai teamed up with Dutch artist Leon Karssen to create a full footwear and apparel collection. Artist projects are always fun, but when the artist really skates, it only makes it that much better. Watch Leon do his thing at our in-office studio, and then hit the streets of Downtown LA.

Commercial: Lakai x Motrhead featuring Riley Hawk [20/5/2018]
Riley has been a fan of Lemmy and Motrhead for a long time, so it made perfect sense for Lakai to center this collaboration around Riley and his new shoe, the Riley 2.

Commercial: James Capps for the Lakai Sheffield [22/4/2018]
Lakai Am James Capps spent his last summer traveling all throughout Europe with a crew of his homies. Heres the full edit by Zack Mack.

Team Update: Griffin Gass Lakai Commercial [16/2/2018]
Lakai Footwear introduces their newest Am, Griffin Gass from Seattle, WA to the Lakai team and family, with this commercial for their newest model, the Bristol.

Tony Hawk on Lakai [10/11/2017]
Breaking news from the Lakai World Summit where the legendary Tony Hawk has been officially announced as riding for Lakai Limited Footwear.

Lakai in SF 2017 Tour Footage [4/6/2017]
The Lakai crew headed up north to Santa Cruz and San Francisco for some last minute filming for The Flare, premiering June 13th in Los Angeles!

Lakai Netherlands Rotterdam Tour 2016 Footage [4/11/2016]
The Dutch Lakai team spent a weekend in the streets of Rotterdam, hitting as many spots as possible.

Stevie Perez Pro Model Shoe [24/8/2016]
After years of work in the streets, Stevie has deservingly earned a shoe with his name on it.

Yonnie Cruz on Lakai [19/5/2016]
Lakai has announced Yonnie Cruz as the latest addition to the team.

Team Update: Lakai [18/3/2016]
JB Gillet and Nick Jensen are off the Lakai team, and might be goint to Nike SB.

Patrick Freitag on Lakai Austria [16/3/2016]
Patrick Freitag has been welcomed to the Austrian Lakai team.

Lakai France Tinder Tour 2015 Footage [17/1/2016]
Lakai France swipes right on their Tinder tour.

Lakai We Are Brudis Sicily Tour 2015 Footage [21/11/2015]
The German and Italian Lakai teams spent 12 days skating some new and some old spots in sunny Sicily.

Lakai All Ireland Champs 2015 Results Footage [15/11/2015]
The Lakai All Ireland Championships kicked off this year at Wreckless Skatepark.

Stay Flared 2015 Tour Footage [17/9/2015]
Lakai and Emerica joined forces this summer for a tour loaded with some of skateboardings heaviest hitters.

Lakai Puerto Rico Tour 2015 Footage [12/8/2015]
The Lakai team went on a skate trip to Puerto Rico. Here is the footage.

Lakai Picture Me Eurollin 2015 Tour Footage [5/2/2015]
The Lakai team packed their bags and headed to England, the Netherlands and Germany to hop some trains and see what they could find to skate.

Lakai France Gaut It Tour 2014 [18/9/2014]
Here is some footage from the Lakai Gaut It Tour around the South of France.

Team Update: Karsten Klappan Lakai Welcome [19/4/2014]
Lakai Footwear has welcomed Karsten Kleppan to their Am team.

Jon Sciano on Lakai [30/1/2014]
Lakai has released a video to introduce Jon Sciano and the Fura.

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