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Horten Skateboard Klubb is a skateboard organisation in Horten, Norway.

Also known as: Horten Skateboardklubb

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Pressure Washer For Bromsjordet Skatepark [6/7/2018]
Horten Skateboardklubb won a pressure washer from Monter, to wash away the bird shit from the ramps at Bromsjordet Skatepark

Bromsjordet Skatepark Since 1998 Promo [19/6/2018]
Horten Skateboardklubb built the first vert ramp at Bromsjordet in 1998.

New Skate Organisation In Horten [6/11/2016]
Buer i Horten and Horten Skateboard klubb are joining forces under the name Horten Skatepark.

Limits the use of kickbikes at Horten Skatepark [5/5/2014]
Bromsjordet Skatepark in Horten is limiting the use of kickbikes after several dangerous situations.

Kanalsession 2012 Results and Footage [2/9/2012]
Here are the results and some footage from this years Kanalsession in Horten, Norway.

Kanalsession 2011 Program [15/8/2011]
The thirteenth annual Kanalsession is being held in Horten this weekend. Here is the program and information.

Kanalsession 2011 [30/4/2011]
The thirteenth annual Kanalsession is being held in Horten in August. Here is some information about the event.