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Rud Rampland is a skatepark in Sandvika in Brum Kommune, Norway.

Also known as: Rud Skatepark / Sandvika Skatepark

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Rud Bowl In Bad Shape [4/5/2019]
The bowl at Rud Rampeland is in bad shape.

The Rud Skatepark Micro [27/7/2017]
The new microramp at Rud Rampeland was completed a little while ago.

Rud Skatepark Microramp Update [23/6/2017]
Rud Rampland hopes to complete the new microramp this month.

Bowl Renovation at Rud Skatepark [23/5/2017]
The bowl at Rud Rampland is being fixed.

Rud Boys and Girls 2017 Program [11/5/2017]
Here is the program for Rud Boys and Girls, being held 10th June, 2017.

Rud Skatepark Gets Spine Ramp [11/5/2017]
A new microramp with a spine and various other features is being built at Rud Rampeland.

Rudboys and Girls 2017 [25/4/2017]
This years Rudboys and Girls is being held 10th June, 2017.

Rud Bowl Jam 2016 [7/9/2016]
This years Rud Bowl Jam is being held Saturday 17th September 2016.

Rud Rampland Season Opening 2016 [15/5/2016]
Rud Rampland is arranging their season start event on Saturday 21st May 2016.

Rud Bowl Jam 2015 Cancelled [5/9/2015]
The planned bowl jam at Rud Rampland has been cancelled due to rain.

Rud Bowl Jam 2015 Program [24/8/2015]
Here is the program for this years Bowl Jam at Rud Rampland.

Rud Boys & Girls 2015 Results and Footage [24/6/2015]
Here are the results and footage from this years Rud Boys and Girls at Rud Rampeland.

Rud Boys & Girls 2015 Program [5/6/2015]
Here is the schedule for this years Rud Boys and Girls contest.

Rud Rampland Opening 2015 Footage [13/5/2015]
Here is some footage from the opening event at Rud Rampland.

Rud Skatepark Gets New Bowl Platform [20/3/2015]
Verkty i Lufta is renovating the platform around the bowl at Rud Rampeland.

Rud Events 2015 [27/2/2015]
Here are the events planned for 2015 at Rud Rampeland.

Session x Almost Rud Bowl Jam 2014 Results [30/6/2014]
Here are results from the Session x Almost Bowl Jam held at Rud Rampland.

Session x Almost Rud Bowl Jam [25/6/2014]
A bowl jam is being held at Rud Rampland today. Here is the info.

Rud Boys and Girls 2014 Program [31/5/2014]
Here is some more information about this years Rud Boys & Girls event.

Marcus Vik at Rud Skatepark [18/5/2014]
A few shots of Marcus Vik at Rud Rampland.

Spotcheck: Rud Rampland April 2014 [1/5/2014]
The street area at Rud Rampeland is being rebuilt. Here is an update.

Rud Boys & Girls 2014 Dates [19/4/2014]
The Rud Boys & Girls contest is once again being held at Rud Rampland.

Official Opening of the new Rud Rampland [19/4/2014]
The street area at Rud Rampland has been rebuilt, and the new park is being officially opened next month.

Funbox Removed At Rud Skatepark [12/6/2013]
Rud Rampeland has to tear down their new funbox due to constructio of a new storage facility next to the skatepark.

Skatelite in the Rud Bowl [15/9/2012]
The bowl at Rud Rampland has gotten a new skatelite surface. Here is some iformation.

Rudbowl Gets Skatelite [30/8/2012]
The bowl at Rud Rampleland is getting skatelite. Here is some information.

Rudboys and Girls 2012 CANCELLED [20/6/2012]
The Rudboys and Girls street contest is once again being arranged at Rud Rampland. Here is some information.

Le Tour de Brum Kommune 2012 [29/5/2012]
A skate contest for kids and juniors, inspired by Bernhard Invitational and Le Tour de France, is being held in Brum this weekend.

Wheels of Unfortune 2011 [18/8/2011]
Three best trick contests are being held on a 1978 Am-car at Rud Rampland next month. Here is the information.

Spotcheck: Rud Rampeland June 2011 [30/6/2011]
Not to long ago, we vistied the skatepark at Rud. Here is an update on the status of the park.

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