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Jeff Grosso is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Jeff Grosso Black View Interview [21/12/2018]
Jeff Grosso Black View Interview

Jeff Grosso Vans Classic Tales Interview [22/10/2018]
Burritos are good. Drugs are bad. If you are doing drugs, please get help. Legend Jeff Grosso looks back on one wild day back in 1997 when he did some drugs and ended up with a burrito in his butt. Look, its a long story. Dont judge. Just watch the damn video.

Jeff Grosso TWS 2012 Interview [18/10/2017]
Transworld has put out the raw Jeff Grosso Hippie Vaults interview What It Feels Like To Die Three Times from the October 2012 issue.

Jeff Grossos Favorite Skate Photo [28/7/2017]
Grosso talks about his all time favorite skate photo of Mark Sinclair- and adds an epic Salba pic because its impossible to just pic one... whats yours?

Jeff Grossos Love Notes Episode 5 [7/11/2016]
In this episode we check in on edgers, all terrain rippers and the kids who are doing it their own way- and of course some more rantings and ramblings of an old man grasping at the walls of his sanity.

Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding S07E06 [21/10/2016]
After so much Love there has to be some Hate- its the duality of the ying yang (or something like that). In this installment of RANT Grosso takes on companies that make crappy skateboards (you know who you are), skate training facilities, skateboarding in the Olympics and of course tucking your knees on frontside airs.

Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding S07E05 [20/9/2016]
From guys like Shreddi Repas and Skitch Hitchcock in the 70s, to Mountain, Hawk and Stranger in the 80s and 90s, skaters have always had the best names. This episode has no other theme than simply showcasing the skaters who have cool names. Make your own list before you watch.

Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding S07E04 [13/8/2016]
Part two of the mini documentary about the history of trucks.

Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding S07E03 [16/7/2016]
This is so big it had to get split in to two parts its basically a mini documentary about the history of trucks.

Jeff Grossos Love Notes Episode 1 [3/7/2016]
According to Jeff Grosso, the Love Notes series is the outtakes, extras and secondary anecdotes of a man grasping at the walls of his very own sanity.

Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding S07E02 [23/6/2016]
Skateboarding and filming have gone together since the beginning of time. Greg Hunt, Rowan Zorilla, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Anthony Van Engelen, Arto Saari, Jason Jessee, French Fred, Jerry Hsu talk about their favorites and why skate videos are awesome, except Grosso, he hates skate videos.

Jeff Grosso Free Free Skate Mag Interview [30/3/2016]
Will Harmon sat down with Jeff Grosso to talk about the Vans 50 year anniversary, favorite era of skateboarding, surprises in the evolutio of skateboarding, calling people out, visiting London, skateboarding in Europe vs the States and name assosiations.

Jeff Grosso Sidewalk Interview [25/3/2016]
Sidewalk talked to Jeff Grosso about last summers surgery, Propeller, loveletters to skateboarding and important moments or people in the history of Vans.

Jeff Grosso Behind The Ad [13/9/2013]
Skateboarding is truly the fountain of youth. Watch as the legendary Jeff Grosso tears up this backyard vert ramp while shooting his latest ad for Independent Trucks.

Loveletters To Skateboarding Season 02 Episode 05 [14/9/2012]
Before it was called a Backside Ollie, Jeff Tatum called it a No Handed Backside Air... Grosso sits down with one of the innovators of 1970s skateboarding in this weeks Loveletters to Skateboarding.

Jeff Grossos Loveletters To Skateboarding S02E08 [14/9/2012]
In the season finale of Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding, Jeff breaks down curb skating with eight street heavy weights... Its a building block for all skaters.

Loveletters To Skateboarding Season 1 Episode 4 [14/9/2012]
In this episode, Jeff breaks down the lost art of the Handplant, and all of its many variations.

Jeff Grosso on Anithero [30/8/2010]
Seems Jeff Grosso is now on Antihero Skateboards. Here is some information on the update.

Rumble in Ramona 2008 Photage [10/12/2008]
Here are some videos and pictures from the ivite only vert contest and car show, Rumble in Ramona, held in California in October.

Rumble in Ramona 2008 Results [26/10/2008]
Ramona California played host to an invite only vert contest and car show,called the Rumble in Ramona, in Ramona, California last weekend. Here are the results from the contest.

Jeff Grosso Conquers The Loop [3/12/2008]
Old Man Does The Loop: Jeff Grosso conquers the loop!

Jeff Grosso Independent Interview [17/7/2006]
Jeff Grosso web interview from

Duel in Diablo 1986 Results and Footage [21/10/2004]
Here is the footage and results from the 1986 Duel in Diablo.