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Adil Dyani is a professional skateboarder from Norway.

Also known as: Adil Luigi Dyani [full name] / AD [nickname] / Bambino [nickname]

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Adil Dyani World Record Bomb Drop Attempt Update [8/7/2018]
Adil Dyani is out of the hospital, after his attempt at a world record bomb drop went bad due to windy conditions.

Adil Luigi Dyani World Record Training 360 Footage [30/6/2018]
Watch the 7 meters drop from Adil Luigi Dyani, performed during the training for the 10 meter world record attempt.

Adil Dyani World Record Promo Video [25/6/2018]
The World Record Attempts plan is to break the double digit barrier of 10 meters, If this is successful it will be the first time in human history anyone achieved breaking the 10 meter limit without a tool connected to the body.

Team Update: Adil Dyani with Maurice Lacroix [12/6/2018]
Adil Dyani with Maurice Lacroix.

Adil Dyani To Attempt New World Record [7/6/2018]
Adil Dyani will attempt to pass the 10 meter limit with a world record drop in Voss 24th June - 1 July, 2018.

European Mobility Week 2016 Oslo Skate [20/9/2016]
Adil Dyani has brought his vert ramp to the European Mobility Week event in Oslo, and will be holding skate schools and demos 20th-22nd September 2016.

Team Update: Adil Dyani tells time with Hugo Boss [31/8/2016]
Adil Dyani is now sponsored by Hugo Boss Orange Line watches.

Melafestivalen 2016 Skateboard Footage [21/8/2016]
Here is some footage from one of the skateboarding demos at Melafestivalen in Oslo, Norway.

Skateboarding at Melafestivalen 2016 [17/8/2016]
XXL and Adil Dyani are bringing a vert ramp to Melafestivalen in Oslo 19 - 21 August 2016.

NORB NM 2016 Vert Results and Footage [7/8/2016]
Here are the results and footage from the Norwegian vert championships, held at Tjme Skatepark.

Adil Dyani Visits Projecto Uere [12/7/2016]
While in Brazil to film the new XXL commercial, Adil Dyani visited the kids at Projecto Uere.

XXL Sport Unites All Commercial [10/7/2016]
Adil Dyani is part of XXLs new Sport Unites All commercial.

Tjme Skate Galla 2016 Riderslist [8/6/2016]
Here are the confirmed skaters coming to Tjme Skate-Galla 18th June 2016.

Miniramp session og skateskole med Adil Luigi Dyan [9/5/2016]
ASFreestyle arranged a skate gathering with Adil Dyani at Vollen Miniramp. Here is some footage.

Adil Dyani World Record Bomb Drop Footage #2 [22/4/2014]
Adil Dyani World Record 30.8 Foot Bomb Drop September 2013.

Adil Dyani World Record Bomb Drop Footage [15/12/2013]
Adil Dyani World Record Bomb Drop Footage

Adil Dyani Sets New World Records [23/9/2013]
Adil Dyani has set two new skateboarding world records in bomb drop and free fall.

Old Adil Dyani TV2 Interview [30/4/2013]
TV2 feature on Norwegian skateboarder Adil Dyani.

Adil Dyani World Record Bombdrop Attempt on TV #2 [14/11/2012]
Leap of faith, Megaramp, Skateboarding.

Adil Dyani World Record Attempt Promo Video [14/11/2012]
Adil Dyani World Record Attempt Promo Video.

Adil Dyani Speed Test Video [14/11/2012]
The speed test for the world record bomb drop attempt was done at a closed airstrip in Norway.

Adil Dyani Attempts Word Record Bomb Drop [14/11/2012]
Adil Dyani had to abort his world record bomb drop at Magery recently after 12 attempts. Here is some information and footage.

Adil Dyani World Record Bombdrop Attempt on TV [9/11/2012]
Leap of Faith World Record Attempt on a Megaramp, skateboarding Adil (Bambino) Dyani.

NORB NM 2012 Vert Footage and Results [19/8/2012]
Here are the results from the Norwegian vert championships held at Tjme this month.

Nstedhallen Skate Camp October 2011 [27/10/2011]
Another skate camp is being held at Nstedhallen this month with Adil Dyani and the Duscetti team. Here is some information.

Nstedhallen Skate School 2011 [16/10/2011]
Nstedhallen is arranging another round of skate schools with Adil Dyani as the instructor.

Meet and Greet and Skateshow at Vision Skatepark [26/9/2011]
After the TV Aksjonen show in Kristiansand, you can meet the skaters and artists at Vision Skatepark. Here is some information.

Duscetti Annonces Team Lineup [24/9/2011]
The new Norwegian company Duscetti Skateboards has announced its team lineup. Here is the information.

Skateboarding against mines and bombs [22/9/2011]
Some of the best skaters in Norway are joining forces with Norsk Folkehjelps TV Aksjonen, to raise money for clearing mines and bombs .

Gallanti Skate Camp [1/10/2010]
Another skate camp/skate school is being held at Gallanti Skatepark next week. Here is some information about the event.

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