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A skatepark is a purpose-built recreational environment for skateboarders. are skateparks designed to look like natural street terrain, and include obstacles such as stairs, railings, planters and benches.

Also known as: Skate Parks

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Astrabudua Skatepark Officially Opened [13/10/2018]
The Astrabudua skatepark was opened to the public on Friday, 05 October, 2018. The new equipment is completed with zip lines, playgrounds, walks and gardens. The municipality of Erandio has invested 250,000 euros in this new space for leisure and sports, located in Iturribengoa.

Lillesand Could Loose Indoor Skatepark [13/10/2018]
Skaters in Lillesand was told they had to move out of their indoor skatepark within 15th October, as it was set to be demolished, in spite of earlier promises that a new location would be ready before the old was torn down. The demolition is now postponed pending a solution.

Majorstua Skatepark Opening [11/10/2018]
The new skatepark at Majorstua is being officially opened 11. October, 2018.

Tau Skole Skatepark Construction [6/10/2018]
Construction of the new skatepark at Tau Skole has started, and the park could be ready next month.

New Skatepark in Astrabudua [6/10/2018]
The new 500 m2 Erandio Skatepark has been completed.

Save Channel Street Skatepark Petition [6/10/2018]
Since the closure of Channel Street Skatepark, the nearby economic infrastructure has been impacted and complaints are increasing about rising transgression and public safety. Already two years overdue to reopen, Channel Street Skatepark sits deteriorating while the community faces new challenges, fears, and frustrations.

Vision Skatepark Opening [27/9/2018]
The newly renovated Vision Skatepark is opening on Saturday 29th September, 2018.

Porsgrunn Drags Feet On Gift Ramp [27/9/2018]
Holla Skatepark has to move the vert ramp by 2019, and Ulefoss Skateboardklubb wants to give it to the municipality and place it at Kjlens Skatepark, but the answer from Porsgrunn Kommune is strange.

Vision Skatepark Fundraiser Video #2 [27/9/2018]
Vision Skatepark Fundraiser Video #2.

New Skatepark In Arnadal [22/9/2018]
A new skatepark was opened in Arnadal recently.

Bjrkelangen Skole Skatepark Completed [22/9/2018]
Bjrkelangen Skole Skatepark has been completed.

Tversted Skatepark Completed [22/9/2018]
FSR Beton completed the new skatepark in Tversted, Denmark.

Rauma Skatepark Completed [22/9/2018]
Concrete Proof has completed a skatepark in Rauma, Finland.

Vision Skatepark Fundraiser Promo Video [22/9/2018]
Vision Skatepark Fundraiser Promo Video

Transworlds Skatepark Bucket List [22/9/2018]
TWS lists 20 Of The Best Skateparks In The World.

Marka 2018 [20/9/2018]
New Gystadmarka Skatepark edit from Edward Knai Nilsen.

Greg Harbour at Kooktown DIY Skatepark [20/9/2018]
Speedlab Wheels team rider Greg Harbour at the no longer standing Kooktown DIY.

Sarah Thompson at the Vans Combi [20/9/2018]
Speedlab Wheels team rider Sarah Thompson putting in some work at #vanscombi on the Bombshells 57mm/99A wheels.

Jeromy Green Double Flip at Clairemont Skatepark [20/9/2018]
Speedlab Wheels team rider Jeromy Green double flip on the Clairemont skatepark vert ramp.

Fundraiser For Vision Skatepark [13/9/2018]
Vision Skatepark in Kristiansand aims sure raise 500.000 NOK to renovate the park.

Wants To Relocate Nannestad Skatepark [11/9/2018]
Nannestad Skole wants to relocate the skatepark to the school to improve their outdoor space.

Spotguide Problems Resolved on The Justme Website [10/9/2018]
The Skate To Spots and Drive To Spots guides are now working on all browsers.

Extracrispynyc Visits Brooklyn Pump Track [3/9/2018]
Kader Sylla, Zach Allen, Keith Hardy, Spanky, Nestor Judkins, Ryo Motohashi at Brooklyn Pump Track.

Sumner Skatepark Repaired [2/9/2018]
Skateboarding cop breathes life back into damaged skate park.

New Skatepark Coming To Drbak [27/8/2018]
The area has been closed off and construction has started on the new skatepark at Seiersten in Drbak.

Geisenhausen Skatepark Approved By TUV [24/8/2018]
Geisenhausen is officially Inspected by TV.

Ebersberg Skatepark Update [24/8/2018]
After 10 years Ebersberg Skatepark gets a nice treat.

New Skatepark in Copenhagen [24/8/2018]
Last month FSR Beton completed a new skatepark at Reffen in Copenhagen.

Vibeskolen Got Skatepark [24/8/2018]
In June FSR completed a new skatepark in Ullerslev, Denmark.

FSR Built Skatepark in Dianalund [24/8/2018]
In June FSR Beton completed a new skatepark in Dianalund, Denmark.

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