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Santa Cruz is a company manufacturing skateboards, snowboards and surfboards.

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Commercial: Emans Divine Dinner at Derby [18/9/2018]
The newest Eman Preissue is upon us. The divine diner was inspired by one of his most classic graphics, dining with the dead. For this graphic, Jimbo focused in on the main character from the original to fill out Emans shape. Would you skate it or hang it on the wall?

Meet the New Breed [9/8/2018]
Santa Cruz has added some heavy hitters to the squad. Heres your opportunity to get to know the next wave of rippers.

Commercial: Kevin Braun For Santa Cruz Everslick [2/6/2018]
Kevin Braun Long Kink Boardslide on the Everslick board.

Commercial: Santa Cruz Maid of Mars [10/5/2018]
Introducing the MAID OF MARS! Ink is mixed with genuine pulverized Martian Shergottite meteorite dust!!! Only 250 boards with real Martian ink in the universe! One of 9 variants inside each #MarsAttacksSantaCruz blind bag! Boards will be available worldwide May 25th!

Commercial: Mars Attacks x Santa Cruz Blind Bag [8/5/2018]
The invasion has begun and the #MarsAttacksSantaCruz blind bag variant boards will be infiltrating shops near you on May 25th!

Tour Footage: Santa Cruz 2018 Florida Tour [28/3/2018]
After Tampa Pro the Santa Cruz team hit the road for some demos and signings around Florida. They made a few friends along the way... check out the cruz through the sunshine state!

Commercial: Blake Johnson for Santa Cruz Preissue [23/3/2018]
Preissues are new shaped boards that are inspired by the 80s and 90s era of Santa Cruz with current pros and new artwork! Blake takes his for a spin close to home, check it!

Backflip with Santa Cruz [25/2/2018]
The Santa Cruz boys set out for backflip glory at Woodward West.

Team Update: Santa Cruz Pro Jesse Noonan [24/2/2018]
Santa Cruz OZ rider Jesse Noonan has turned pro.

Santa Cruz Euro Tour 2017 Footage [30/10/2017]
Ever want to spend a few weeks skateboarding in Europe with your good friends? Santa Cruz invites you into the van for a look at how amazing and exhausting a tour through multiple countries can be. So grab yourself a coffee, kick the feet up and enjoy.

Team Update: Yndiara Asp on Santa Cruz [5/9/2017]
Santa Cruz Skateboards has welcomed 19 year old Yndiara Asp from Brazil to the team!

Santa Cruz Pro Erick Winkowski [14/7/2017]
Erick Winkowski has turned pro with Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Santa Cruz Midwest Tour 2016 Footage [8/1/2017]
In September, Santa Cruz tripped through the Midwest, doing demos and hitting shop signings along the way.

30 Years of the Famous Slasher Graphic [4/1/2017]
In 2016 Santa Cruz Skateboards celebrated 30 Years of the classic Slasher graphic. Have a look at the story behind how one of the raddest graphics of all time slashed its way into our hearts.

Santa Cruz PROmo video [31/7/2016]
Santa Cruz Skateboards has released this Santa Cruz PROmo video to celebrate the addition of Tom Remillard to the squad, and Blake Johnsons recent bump up to the pro ranks.

Team Update: New Santa Cruz Ams [30/3/2016]
Santa Cruz Skateboards is proud to welcome Kevin Braun, Dylan Williams and Erick Winkowski to the Am team. Filmed over the last few months, each one of these guys brings their own unique outlook on skating to the team. Also featuring Santa Cruz Ams Mikey Curtis and Blake Johnson. We hope you enjoy.

Tom Asta on Santa Cruz [14/7/2015]
Santa Cruz Skateboards recently acquired Tom Asta to the Pro Lineup, and heres two minutes of ripping Asta footage to celebrate.

Santa Cruz Down Under Statement 2015 Tour Footage [17/5/2015]
The Santa Cruz Skateboards squad packed up and headed Down Under!

Josh Borden Pro With Santa Cruz [9/5/2015]
Santa Cruz skateboards turned SoCal ripper Josh Borden pro with a surprise party at Omar Hassans backyard pool in Costa Mesa, CA.

Josh Bordens Pro Party [7/5/2015]
For Josh Bordens 26th Birthday the Santa Cruz Skateboards Team headed down to Omars pool for some shredding, and threw him a surprise Pro Party! Congrats on joining the professional ranks, Josh...

Blake Johnson on Santa Cruz [21/10/2014]
Santa Cruz has welcomed Blake Johnson to the team. Here is the clip.

Santa Cruz Cruzn Hawai 2013 Tour Footage Part 2 [5/9/2013]
The Santa Cruz team visits Hawaii. In Part 2, the team skates the legendary Wallows ditch and the Aala skatepark.

Santa Cruz Cruzn Hawai 2013 Tour Footage Part 1 [3/9/2013]
The Santa Cruz team visits beautiful Hawaii. In Part 1, the crew handles some heavy Hawaiian transitions, visits Cholos bowl and rock jump into the pacific blue.

Shuriken Shannon on Santa Cruz [17/3/2012]
Santa Cruz has welcomed Shuriken Shannon to the team. Here is the welcome video.

Josh Borden on Santa Cruz [31/12/2011]
Santa Cruz has welcomed Josh Borden to the team. Here is the welcome video.

Travis Erickson on Santa Cruz [24/9/2011]
Santa Cruz has welcomed Travis Erickson to the skateboarding team. Here is the welcome video.

Saint and Sinners II Tour Footage [2/3/2011]
Creature and Santa Cruz packed up three vans of rippers and headed from New Jersey to Miami. Here is some footage.

Sid Melvin Pro With Santa Cruz [20/2/2010]
Sid Melvin is the lates rider to be inclueded into the Santa Cruz pro ranks. Here is a clip and some information.

Nilton Neves Pro with Santa Cruz [10/2/2009]
Nilton Neves is the newest pro for Santa Cruz Skateboards. Here is some information on his new board and more.

New Santa Cruz Website [6/2/2009]
Santa Cruz Skateboards updated their web pages recently, so click on over and check out some products, team information, videos, photos and more.

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