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Team Update: Guy Mariano on Thunder [22/4/2019]
A classic spot and a one of a kind approach, it doesnt get any better. Thunder Trucks welcomes Guy Mariano to the team.

Full Part: Thunder Trucks presents Patrick Praman [16/4/2019]
Smooth style, great trick selection and VX100 - Patrick Praman puts all the pieces together in his first solo video part, filmed from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Commercial: Jack Olson for Thunder Trucks [23/3/2018]
From rails to ledges and everything in between, Jack Olson makes it all look too easy in his Knows part. Youll want to rewind that ender...

Jamie Foys BBQ Jam at Lanark Skatepark [24/2/2018]
Jamie Foy got his first pro truck so you know they had to celebrate.

Commercial: Jamie Foy Knows Thunder Trucks [24/2/2018]
Jamie Foy is taking skateboarding to the next level. From taking on untouched rails in the Bay Area to opening new doors at spots in LA... Its a non-stop assault. Jamie Foy KNOWS!

Commercial: Chris Miller Knows [6/12/2017]
One of the best ways to break in a new set of Thunder 151 Team Hollows... pool coping. Chris Miller Knows.

Ish Cepeda Know Future Video + Interview [27/1/2017]
With style for miles and always having fun on his board, Ish Cepeda is a part of the next generation of Floridians making their mark in skateboarding. Check out his new Know Future video and interview from Thunder Trucks.

Na-Kel Smith Thunder Commercial [11/10/2016]
Na-Kel Smith Knows. Thunder Trucks. The Leader In Control.

Commercial: Ishod Wair Behind The Ad [22/2/2013]
Check out the behind the ad footage from Ishod Wairs newest ad for Thunder Trucks.

Millers with Thunder [6/12/2011]
Thunder Trucks Welcomes Chris and Zach Miller to the Team! Here is the welcome video.

Daniel ynes With Thunder [22/2/2010]
Daniel ynes is skating for Thunder Trucks. Check out the clip and some related information here.

Luis Tolentino With Thunder [20/11/2009]
Luis Tolentino is the latest addition to the Thunder Trucks skateboarding team. Here is the intro clip and some information.

Thunder Welcomes Mike Taylor [13/3/2009]
Mike Taylor is the lates additon to the Thunder Trucks skateboarding team. Here is the welcome video and some more information.