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Element Skateboards is a skateboard manufacturer and surfwear retailer based in Irvine, California. It is a subsidiary of Billabong International.

Also known as: Underworld Element Skateboards [original name]

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Element in Denver Fall 2018 [1/10/2018]
Introducing the Element Fall 2018 seasonal video, shot around Denver, Colorado.

Commercial: Element In Bloom x Callum Donoghue [18/6/2018]
Element Australia Pro Riders Dennis Durrant and Alex Lawton finally get to share Element pro decks in the latest In Bloom series by local Melbourne artists Callum Donoghue.

Team Update: Tom Schaar Back On Element Pro Team [16/2/2018]
Element Skateboards has welcomed Tom Schaar back to the pro team.

Tour Footage: Element in Barcelona [16/2/2018]
Introducing the Element Spring 2018 seasonal video, shot around the Barcelona area.

Team Update: Element Pro Alex Lawton [3/12/2017]
Element Skateboards has welcomed Alex Lawton to the pro team.

Element Pro Jarne Verbruggen [27/9/2017]
Element Skateboards has announced Jarne as the new Element Pro.

Team Update: Bam Back On Element [9/9/2017]
Element Skateboards has welcomed Bam Margera back to the team.

Jon Miner Leaves Emerica For Element [19/7/2017]
Element Skateboards Welcomes Jon Miner as Global Video Director.

Element Pro Mason Silva [18/7/2017]
Mason Silva has turned pro with Element Skateboards.

Nathan Jackson on Element [7/7/2017]
Element welcomes Nathan Jackson to the family!

Fatback: Element in Barcelona 2017 Tour Footage [16/4/2017]
Element Euro trip gets the Fatback treatment. Might have to change it to Fatsnaps for this one. Pop!

Element Fluff Project [26/3/2017]
Element brand presents their latest collaborative project with Fluff magazine.

Element Northern Spain 2017 Tour Video [1/3/2017]
Element shot this video on a road trip through Northern Spain, to showcases the labels latest Spring 2017 collection.

Element 25 Years of Skateboarding 1/3 [5/2/2017]
Element has been blessed to have such wonderful and gifted team riders support their brand for the past 25 years. From Elements birth in Atlanta to its rise in popularity through Bam Margeras insane antics, Element has stayed true to skateboarding. This episode #1 of 3 edit is a look back to some of their favorite moments.

Element Skateboards Best of 2016 [3/1/2017]
The Element team has been non stop on the move this whole year and have produced some of the most impressive videos Element has seen in years. This is a collection of some of their favorite moments from those projects. Some you might remember, some you might be seeing for the first time.

Team Update: Element Skateboards [3/1/2017]
Andrew Beauchamp and Trent Riley has been welcomed to the Element Skateboards family.

Sergio Dotor on Element Spain [10/6/2016]
Element Spain has welcomed Sergio Dotor to the team with a clip from Motre Tossal Skatepark in Alicante..

Jaakko Ojanen on Element EU [21/5/2016]
Element Europe has welcomed Jaakko Ojanen to the team.

Element NZ 2016 Karaage Boyz Tour Footage [28/2/2016]
Element New Zealand made this guide to Japan on their latest tour.

A Few Days In Boston 2016 Tour Footage [24/2/2016]
Element presents A few days in Boston.

Skateboarding Hightlights 2015 [31/1/2016]
Here is a look back at some of the skateboarding hightlights of 2015.

Element in Japan 2015 Skate and Music Tour Video [15/1/2016]
The European Element team went to Japan to meet up with the Japanese team.

Team Updates [15/1/2016]
Rob Dyrdek is off DC, Chad Muska is off Element and Boo Jonson is no longer on Mountain Dew.

Element Pro Greyson Fletcher [21/10/2015]
Greyson Fletcher has turned pro with Element Skateboards.

Element Keep Discovering Taiwan Tour 2014 Footage [22/9/2014]
The Element team went on a trip to Taiwan. Here is some footage.

Make It Count 2014 EU Results [7/7/2014]
12 skaters from all over Europe competed in the Element Make It Count contest in Lisbon, Portugal. Here are results and footage.

Transworld Skateboarding Awards 2014 Results [30/1/2014]
Here are the results from the 16th TWS Awards.

Element and LE Skateboards Tour 2013 Footage [27/9/2013]
Here is some footage from the Element and LE tour.

Julian Davidson Pro With Element [16/9/2013]
Julian Davidson has turned pro with Element Skateboards. Here is a clip.

Element Make It Count 2013 Global Finals [22/8/2013]
Here are the results and footage from the Make It Count Global Finals

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