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Baker Skateboards is an American skateboarding company.

Also known as:

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Team Update: Tyson Peterson on Baker [25/4/2019]
Baker has welcomed Tyson Peterson to the team.

Team Update: Elissa Steamer on Baker [27/6/2018]
Baker Skateboards has welocomed Elissa Steamer to the team.

Commercial: Theotis Beasley 100th Baker Board [28/5/2018]
Commercial for Baker skateboards Theotis Beasley 100 Board release.

Team Update: Baker Pro T-Funk [18/9/2017]
Tristan Funkhouser is the newest Baker pro.

Baker in Dubai 2017 Tour Footage [5/5/2017]
Join Baker and special guest Collin Provost for clips in the Vegas of the Middle East, as seen in The Skateboard Mag issue 159, out now.

Baker and Deathwish Skatelab Demo 2016 Footage [31/8/2016]
Check out the Baker and Deathwish riders skate a demo at Skatelab.

Scion X Baker California Tour 2015 Footage [10/1/2016]
As part of the Scion x Baker Skateboards team-up, the Baker skate team took a Scion iA and a Scion iM for a road trip through California.

Baker Releases Nick Cave Board [13/10/2014]
Baker Skateboards has released a Nick Cave board.

Riley Hawk Wins Best Am And Turns Pro [11/12/2013]
On Dec 6th, Riley Hawk was surprised for his 21st birthday with a pro model from Baker Skateboards and awarded 2013s Years Best Am from The Skateboard Mag.

Team Update: Baker Pro Riley Hawk [6/12/2013]
Andrew Reynolds gathers Tony Hawk and the Baker boys to wish Riley a happy birthday and welcome him to the pro ranks. Congratulations Riley!

Cyril Jackson Baker Welcome and DC Colorway [28/7/2013]
During CPH Pro Cyril Jackson got surprised by DC and Baker with a welcome to the team and a shoe colorway.

Baker accused of profitting on racism [9/8/2012]
Baker Skateboards has upset the asian community with the release of their new Gooks of Hazard graphic.

Shane Heyl Pro With Baker [6/12/2011]
Andrew Reynolds surprises Shane Heyl with his debut pro model for Baker Skateboards at the Shake Junt Chicken Bone Nowison video premiere in Hollywood.

Blitz and Baker Part Ways [2/10/2011]
Baker Skateboards has left Blitz Distribution, and will now be distributed by Baker Boys Distribution

Theotis Beasley Pro with Baker [24/5/2011]
Andrew Reynolds surprised Theotis Beasley by turning him pro and debuting his first pro model on stage at the 2011 Transworld Awards.

Figgy Pro With Baker [27/8/2010]
Emerican Justin Figueroa has turned pro with Baker Skateboards. Here is some information on the update.

Sammy Baca Pro With Baker [22/8/2009]
Baker surprised Sammy Baca with his first pro model while on the Baker/Deathwish Low-Life tour. Here is some information.

Don Nguyen on Baker [7/8/2009]
Don Nguyen is the latest addition to the Baker Skateboards team. Here is some information on the involved parties.

Thrasher King of the Road 2006 Results and Footage [25/9/2006]
This years Thrasher King of the Road has wrapped up. Here are the results from the event.

TWS Awards 2006 Results [31/5/2006]
Here are the 8th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards Winners!