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Steve Caballero is an American professional skateboarder, artist and musician.

Also known as: Cab [nickname] / Stevie [nickname]

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Steve Caballero Independent Interview [10/3/2019]
Since 1978 40 Years of Ads Book Interview with Steve Caballero.

Steve Caballero: My Indys [4/3/2019]
Steve Caballero: My Indys | Independent Trucks

Steve Caballero Behind The Ad [25/12/2018]
The Legendary Steve Caballero at Alga Norte Park working on a Powell Peralta ad for Thrasher Magazine.

Steve Caballero Attempts The Loop [29/8/2018]
Steve Caballero Attempts The Loop.

Steve Caballero Golf WRX Interview [20/6/2018]
Steve Caballero on why golf is cool and uses his skateboard as a putter.

Steve Caballero Turning Point 1979 Interview [10/5/2018]
Steve Caballero interviewed by D. David Morin in Pepsis Turning Point 1979. Enjoy...

Vans Pool Party 2018 Results and Footage [8/5/2018]
Results and Footage from Vans Pool Party 2018.

Episode: SkateHoarders with Steve Caballero [23/3/2018]
For the second installment of SkateHoarders, we get a tour of OG Bones Brigader (and TWS first cover boy), Steve Caballeros house to get a look at everything from his insane vintage skateboard collection to his vintage pinball and arcade games and, well, literally everything in between!

Steve Caballero Chrome Ball Interview [28/8/2017]
Chrome Ball Incident interview with Steve Caballero.

Cab Launches Website [21/8/2017]
Steve Caballero has launched his new website.

Steve Caballero Discovers His Origin [9/7/2017]
Skateboarder Steve Caballero just discovered he is 1/4 Japanese.

Cab On SKVI [27/5/2017]
Steve Caballero is now wearing SKVI underwear.

Vans Pool Party 2017 Legends 1st Place Footage [14/5/2017]
Watch Steve Caballeros best run of the 2017 Vans Pool Party to see how he took the win in the Legends Division.

Cars of Skateboarding Episode 1 [22/4/2017]
Skateboarding legend Steve Caballero takes host Alec Beck on a tour of his classic cars (possibly damaging one) while learning more about his lifelong love for all things auto, and how skateboarding ties into that world.

SHoF 2016 Powell Peralta Footage [2/2/2017]
2016 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon Award Ceremony for Powell-Peralta.

Steve Caballero Half Cab History Interview [30/1/2017]
Steve Caballero tells the history of the Half Cab.

Steve Caballero Rolling Stone Interview [27/1/2017]
Rolling Stone did an interview with skateboard legend and motorcycle-riding badass Steve Caballero.

Steve Caballero ABG Interview [27/1/2017]
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Vans Half Cab shoe A Brief Glance met Steve Cab in Berlin and had an interesting chat with him.

Parallel: Steve Caballero [17/1/2017]
Steve Caballero and friends take to the coastline highways of Central California to hit some iconic stops on Ducatis new Scrambler motorcycles.

Steve Caballero Powell Peralta Profile [5/1/2017]
Check out Steve Caballeros profile on the Powell Peralta website.

Steve Caballero Now You Know Interview [30/10/2016]
When a trick is named after someone, its for a very specific reason. Now, an important message from Steve Caballero.

Eurocana 2016 Rattvik Footage [9/8/2016]
DW Productions has made this edit from the Eurocana 2016 reunion in Rattvik, Sweden.

Tony Hawk San Francisco Surprise Demo 2016 Footage [7/5/2016]
Tony Hawk and Friends travel to San Francisco to thank supporters of the Tony Hawk Foundation, which has helped create over 500 skateparks across the U.S. But see what Tonys got in store for an unsuspecting public when he recruits some help to take over a parking lot!

Steve Caballero Back On Bones Wheels [5/4/2016]
Bones Wheels has welcomed Steve Caballero back to the team.

Steve Caballero Enoch Interview [26/11/2015]
Enoch Magazine caught up with skateboard legend and original bones brigade member Steve Caballero. AKA Cab.

Steve Caballero 1997 Skaterock Interview [14/12/2014]
Steve Caballero talkes about starting to skate, favorite spots, collections, riding pools and vert, learning tricks, music and bands, stuff outside skateboarding, old school vs new school, sponsors, worst downhill beef story and advice for up and comers, in this interview with SkateRock from 1997.

Savannah Slamma II 1988 Results and Footage [8/11/2014]
Here are results from the second annual Savannah Slamma contest, held at the Savannah Civic Auditorium in April 1988, and the full video documenting it.

Steve Caballero at the Turning Point Ramp [16/10/2014]
Steve Caballero Skateboarding in the Turning Point Ramp.

Going for it: Turning Point 1980s Footage [20/9/2014]
1980 Turning Point Ramp skateboarding.

Savannah Slamma 1987 Results and Footage [1/4/2014]
Here are results from the first Savannah Slamma contest, held in August at the Civic Centre Arena in 1987, and the full Savannah Slamma video documenting it.

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