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Lunch is a skatevideo from Krzysztof Godek.

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Video Part: Lunch Outro [21/4/2019]
Lunch Outro Part.

Video Part: Lunch Krzysiek Poskrobko [21/4/2019]
Krzysiek Poskrobko has the last part in the Lunch video.

Video Part: Lunch Konrad Spinacz Krużyński [21/4/2019]
Konrad Spinacz Krużyński mini part filmed in Warsaw during 2 months.

Video Part: Lunch Luka Pinto [21/4/2019]
Delusive Luka Pinto little guest part.

Video Part: Lunch Mix [21/4/2019]
A big mix of polish and foreign skaters on polish and european spots.

Video Part: Lunch Kiełb/Juraś/Grka [21/4/2019]
Piotr Kiełb, Michał Juraś, Bartek Grka - part.

Video Part: Lunch Warsaw Skaters [21/4/2019]
Skaters from Warsaw across europe.

Video Part: Lunch Oslo [21/4/2019]
Polish and Norwegian skate mix in Oslo.

Video Part: Lunch Pomnik Kociuszkowcw [21/4/2019]
Pomnik Kociuszkowcw - lately main spot in Warsaw.

Video Part: Lunch Intro [21/4/2019]
Lunch Intro part

Full Video: Lunch [11/3/2019]
Krzysztof Godeks Lunch is available online.

Trailer: Lunch [9/1/2019]
Trailer for Lunch.

Teaser: Lunch [9/1/2019]
New skatevideo recorded in Europe in 2012-18.

Lunch Norway Premier [9/1/2019]
Krzysztof Godek new video is being shown at Oslovelo on 9th January, 2019.