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Christmas or Christmas Day is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. Aspects of celebration may include gift-giving, Christmas trees, display of Nativity sets, church attendance, the Father Christmas/Santa Claus myth, and family gatherings.

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Steve Caballero Behind The Ad [25/12/2018]
The Legendary Steve Caballero at Alga Norte Park working on a Powell Peralta ad for Thrasher Magazine.

Santa Claus Visits Matriz Skate Shop [25/12/2018]
Santa Claus fills his sack at the Matriz Skate Shop, before heading out to deliver presents.

Black Santa Claus Visited Venice Beach Skatepark [25/12/2018]
Black Santa Claus visited Venice Beach Skateboard Park for Christmas wishlists

Christmas Market at Oslo Skatehall [11/11/2017]
A christmas skateboard market is being held at the indoor skatepark in Oslo on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017.

Christmas Skateboarding Edit on RIDE [31/12/2016]
Christmas Skateboarding Edit on RIDE

Have an Ollie Jolly Christmas [25/12/2016]
Nothing quite says the holidays like dusting off that hideous light-up Christmas sweater and mashing your local skatepark on a brisk winters day. When the bearded man in red, Joey Brezinski-Claus, invites you to tag along, you show up and do whatever it takes to stay on the right side of the naughty or nice list.

Santa Claus Skateboarding [23/12/2016]
Here is a christmas clip from Adrenaline Channels.

Street Skateboarding Santa [22/12/2016]
Monument Skateboards team rider Roar Kolnes plays the roll of Santa bringing gifts of 360 hard flips, hard flip 50/50s and b/s 270 tailslides.

Holiday Gifts for Skaters with Spencer Nuzzi [16/12/2016]
What gift do you give to a skateboarder? In this Christmas-themed episode Spencer Nuzzi gives his tips on what gifts skaters really want this holiday season.

Christmas Sessions at Nstedhallen [13/12/2016]
A Christmas Session for skateboard, inline an bmx is being held at Nstedhallen Skatepark Wednesday, December 21, 2016.

A Very Hood Christmas at Oak Park Skatepark [7/1/2015]
Pizza Skateboards had a Christmas party for the kids at Oak Park Skatepark in Sacramento.

Santa Claus Visits Lillesand Skatehall [24/12/2012]
Santa Bjørn pops the spine at Lillesand Skatepark on the day before christmas eve.

Merry Christmas 2009 [24/12/2009]
Once again the time has come, to wish all our members, users, guests and lurkers a merry Christmas. Here is some stuff related to the holiday!

Stavanger X-Mas Jam 2009 [3/12/2009]
Stavanger Skateklubb is hosting a christmas jam event at Stavanger Skatehall this month. Here is some information.

Merry Christmas 2008 [24/12/2008]
We would like to wish all our members, users, guests and lurkers a very merry Christmas. Here are some stuff related to the holiday!

Norwegian Christmas Food [11/12/2005]
Here is a quick walktrough of the most common christmas food eaten in Norway.

20 Ways To Confuse Santa Claus [29/2/2004]

Christmas Q & A [29/2/2004]
Christmas Q & A

Does Santa Really Exist? [29/2/2004]
Does Santa Really Exist?