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Outdoor skatepark in Mandal, Norway.

Also known as: Betongparken Soleklar / Mandal Skatepark / Soleklar Skatepark

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Mandal Open 2018 Live Footage #2 [5/6/2018]
Mandal Open 2018 Live Footage #2

Mandal Open 2018 Live Footage #1 [5/6/2018]
Mandal Open 2018 Live Footage #1.

Mandal Open 2018 Tare TV Footage [4/6/2018]
Tare TV edit from Mandal Open.

Mandal Kids Open 2018 [12/5/2018]
A Contest for kids is being held in conjunction with the opening of the new skatepark in Mandal.

Happy With New Mandal Skatepark [21/4/2018]
After almost 15 years, the new skatepark in Mandal is finally in place, and young skaters are very pleased with the result.

Mandal Open 2018 [20/4/2018]
Mandal Riders invites to a contest in conjunction with the official opening of the new skatepark.

Spotcheck: Speilen Skatepark April 2018 [14/4/2018]
Walktrough of the new skatepark in Mandal.

Spotcheck: Solenklar Skatepark December 2017 [23/12/2017]
The leader of Vestby SSB visited the new skatepark in Mandal. Here are some pictures.

Soleklar Skatepark Has Been Completed [23/12/2017]
Landskapsentrepenrene has completed the new Soleklar Skatepark in Mandal.

Skatepark Delays In Mandal [10/11/2017]
The skatepark in Mandal is delayed after Wheelscape called back all their workers due to lack of money to pay their salery. Landskapsentreprenren has been chosen to complete the project.

Soleklar Skatepark Ready Next Month? [18/10/2017]
The new skatepark in Mandal being built by Landskapsentreprenrene AS could be ready next month.

Soleklar Skatepark Delays [3/10/2017]
The new skatepark in Mandal will not be ready 13th October as previously announced.

Soleklar Skatepark Construction [12/8/2017]
Lindesnes Avis has an article about the ongoing preperation of the site for the new Soleklar Skatepark outside Furulunden Skole in Mandal.

Work Start at Soleklar Skatepark [1/7/2017]
Sjentreprenr Syland AS has started the ground works at the new skatepark in Mandal.

More Funding For Mandal Skatepark [17/5/2017]
The city council in Mandal has voted to increase the funding for Betongparken Soleklar to 6,7 million NOK.

Soleklar Skatepark Reaches Funding Goal [4/5/2017]
1.000.000 NOK has been raised, and 6.700.000 NOK was granted, to build the new Solenklar concrete skatepark.

Jan Fredrik Karlsen Soleklar Skatepark Promo [19/4/2017]
Jan Fredrik Karlsen visits Skur 13 and gets padded up for skateboarding in this promo video to get the last 250.000 Kr needed for the planned concrete skatepark in Mandal.

Mandal Skatepark Update [31/1/2017]
The planned skatepark in Mandal is asking the local businesses to help reach their funding goals.

Soleklar Skatepark Design [13/12/2016]
Landskapsentreprenrene, with the help of Wheelscape, has been chosen to build the new skatepark in Mandal, that will include features from the city. Here are the plans for the new park that could open before next summer.

Mandal Skatepark Fundraiser Video [19/8/2016]
Here is the promo video for the fundraiser to get a new concrete skatepark in Mandal, featuring Silje Wigemyr and Jan Fredrik Karlsen.

Fundraising For New Mandal Skatepark [26/7/2016]
With the support of Silje Wigemyr og Jan Fredrik Karlsen, Mandal Riders are hoping to reach 10.000.000 NOK with their fundraiser for the new Betongparken Soleklar skatpark.

Wants Progress Plan For Speilen Skatepark [4/10/2015]
The time to realise the skatepark at Speilen in Mandal is nearing, but the park is still not part of the progress plan.

Speilen Skatepark Gets Obstacles [11/6/2014]
The obstacles from the old indoor skatepark in Mandal has been moved to SPeilen Skatepark.

Mandal Gets Temporary Skatepark [22/8/2012]
Mandal Barne og Ungdomsrd has gotten 50.000 kr to be used for a temporary skatepark at Speilen.