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Jamie Foy is an American skateboarder.

Also known as: Big Pinch [nickname]

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Jamie Foy Route One Interview [17/8/2018]
Prior to the finals of the SLS London event we were lucky enough to get ten minutes in the company of Deathwish Skateboards and Diamond Footwear pro Jamie Foy. In this brand new interview Jamie discusses his Mums new found fame, becoming SOTY, proudly repping Florida and more.

King of the Road Season 3 Jamie Foy Profile [9/8/2018]
He went from flow trash to SOTY in a two-year time period. Hell yeah you want Big Boy Foy as your Mystery Guest!

Jamie Foy Grey Interview [9/7/2018]
Grey Skate Mag spent an afternoon with Jamie Foy, who was in London for the recent Diamond Footwear European Summer Skate Tour.

Episode: Skateline 29-05-2018 [31/5/2018]
Jamie Foy, Austyn Gillette, Chris Joslin, Aurelien Giraud, 13 Reasons Why, Didrik Galasso.

Full Part: Jamie Foy Spitfire Part [29/5/2018]
If you thought Jamie might take a vacation and chill after last years rampage, you were dead wrong. Heres another full part, loaded with hammers from start to finish. The Foy fire continues to spread

Magnified: Jamie Foy [28/5/2018]
When youve got a big-ass rail with a tiny gate to shoot through at the bottom, a lot can go wrong. Unless youre Jamie Foy. This back lip is aint no thang for Big Boy Foy. SOTY Power!

Jame Foy Simple Session Interview [26/4/2018]
Interview with TRASHER MAGAZINEs Skater Of The Year JAMIE FOY at the Simple Session 18.

SOTY Jamie Foy in Japan [14/3/2018]
Austin Lamb recently went to japan with the Diamond team and made a little video with SOTY 2017 Jamie Foy.

Commercial: Jamie Foy SOTY Boards #2 [11/3/2018]
Deathwish Skateboards proudly introduces your 2017 Skater of the Year Jamie Foys SOTY Boards available in your local shop or online.

Commercial: Jamie Foy SOTY Boards #1 [11/3/2018]
Deathwish Skateboards proudly introduces your 2017 Skater of the Year Jamie Foys SOTY Boards available in your local shop or online.

Commercial: Jamie Foy Knows Thunder Trucks [24/2/2018]
Jamie Foy is taking skateboarding to the next level. From taking on untouched rails in the Bay Area to opening new doors at spots in LA... Its a non-stop assault. Jamie Foy KNOWS!

Jamie Foy: Whats A Guy Gotta Do? [5/2/2018]
Jamies on another level. Backtail shuv-it switch front crook.

Populist 2017: Jamie Foy [11/1/2018]
Here is Jamie Foys Populist 2017 video.

First Look: Jamie Foy [5/1/2018]
Freshly crowned as SOTY, Jamie flips through a copy of the new issue, soaking up all the bangers. Skateboarding is on another level right now, no joke.

Jamie Foy Thrasher Interview [23/12/2017]
Thrasher Magazine talkes to the 2017 skater of the year, Jamie Foy.

My War: Jamie Foy [22/12/2017]
El Toro has been a monolithic benchmark since Heaths lipslide in The End, and while skateboarding continues to progress at a mind-blowing pace, its still near impossible to wrap our heads around this front crook.

Hall of Meat: Jamie Foy [22/12/2017]
Jamie has crushed some serious spots this year but sometimes the tables get turned.

SOTY 2017: Surprising Foy Video [10/12/2017]
Whats better than Big Boy Foy? How about 15 Big Boy Foys?! The homies and the Phelper give our new SOTY the surprise of a lifetime. Congrats, Jamie!

Jamie Foy Is Thrashers SOTY 2017 [10/12/2017]
Thrasher Magazine has announced that Jamie Foy is this years Skater of the Year.

Jamie Foy Red Bull Athlete Profile [5/12/2017]
Check out Jamie Foys profile on the Red Bull website.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2017 Contenders [24/11/2017]
Thrasher Magazine has released the contenders for this years Skater of the Year.

Deathwish Part One: Jamie Foy and Jake Hayes [23/11/2017]
Deathwish Part One Starring Jamie Foy and Jake Hayes.

King of the Road 2016: Best of Jamie Foy [9/9/2017]
Monster rails, sketchy ditches, mannequin hands Big Boy Foy can do it all (except vegetables.) Check the highlights from one of the heaviest KOTR skaters of all time!

Skateline 01-08-2017 [2/8/2017]
Walker Ryan, Mark Suciu, Jamie Foy, Sean Greene, Simon Bannerot, JT Aultz.

Skateline 05-07-2017 [7/7/2017]
Jamie Foy, Paul Rodriguez, Wes Kremer, Yaje Popson, Jordan Taylor, Orange Man.

Jamie Foy Pro Party [2/7/2017]
Jamie Foy turns Pro for Deathwish at the King of the Road season finale taping and heads back to Baker Boys Dist to celebrate with all of Jamies friends and family who came from out of town to show love!

Mano a Mano 2017 McClain vs Foy [16/4/2017]
Mano A Mano 2017 - Round 1: Brad McClain vs. Jamie Foy.

Full Part: Jamie Foy Welcome To Deathwish [5/3/2017]
Deathwish skateboards would proudly welcome Jamie Foy to the family! Jamies a beast! No handrail is safe!

Jamie Foy Skate Warehouse Interview [30/1/2017]
Skate Warehouse did an interview with Jamie Foy in conjunction with his welcome to Deathwish.

Jamie Foy Thrasher Interview [27/1/2017]
Thrasher Magazine did an interview with Jamie Foy.

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