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Cobble Skateboards is a Norwegian skateboard company.

Also known as:

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Cobble Fall 2018 Best Trick Footage [16/10/2018]
Cobble Skateboards arranged a best trick contest at the indoor skatepark in Bergen.

Cobble Fall 2018 Best Trick Contest [6/10/2018]
Cobble is arranging a best trick contest at Fysak Skatepark, in conjunction with the launch of their fall collection. Sunday 7th October, 2018.

Cobble Bowljam 2018 Footage [24/8/2018]
Cobble Skateboards hosted a bolwjam at Fysakhallen Skatepark in Bergen. Here is the footage.

Cobble Bowl Jam 2018 [29/4/2018]
Cobble Skateboards is hosting a bowl jam at Fysak Skatepark to launch their new collection on 2nd May, 2018.

Full Video: Glitch [27/11/2017]
Glitch is a full video from Cobble Skateboards.

The Cobble X Daze Promo Video [23/11/2017]
Cobble Skateboards did a collab with Daze recently. Here is a promo clip.

Team Update: yvind Svensen on Cobble [3/10/2017]
Cobble Skateboards has welcomed yvind Svensen to the team.

Team Update: Gabriel Bjrsvik on Cobble [8/3/2017]
Cobble Skateboards welcomes Gabriel Bjrsvik to the team with this clip.

1520 Full Video [21/11/2016]
Here is the full 1520 video from Cobble Skateboards.

1520 Video Premier and Teaser [10/11/2016]
Cobble Skateboards new video 1520 is premiering at Bergen Kino 18th November 2016. Here is the teaser.

Cobble Skateboards Two Year Anniversary [31/8/2016]
To celebrate their two year anniversary, Cobble Skateboards invites to a session and contest at Gulating Lagmannsrett on Saturday 3rd September 2016.

Tour Footage: Cobble in Barcelona 2015 [17/8/2016]
Cobble Skateboards visited Barcelona last year. Here is the footage.

Cobble In Bergens Tidene [20/6/2016]
Bergens Tidene did a story about Cobble Skateboards.

Cobble Best Trick 2015 [21/10/2015]
Cobble Skateboards presents a best trick contest and a chance to see Streetlife at Fysak on Friday 23. October 2015.

Cobble Best Trick + Promo 2014 [5/12/2014]
The new Norwegian skateboard company Cobble is hosting a best trick contest and promo video viewing at Fysak Skatepark next week.