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Lizzie Armanto is an American skateboarder.

Also known as: Lizzy Armanto [wrong spelling]

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Lizzie Armantos Loop on Good Morning America [12/9/2018]
Lizzie Armantos Loop on Good Morning America.

Lizzie Armanto First Woman To Do The Loop [29/8/2018]
Lizzie Armanto Is The First Woman To Do The Loop On Skateboard

Lizzie Armanto Vans Interview [17/8/2018]
Classic Tales: Lizzie Armanto lives like a queen in her very own AirBnB in the dangerous, yet beautiful, insect- laden land of Australia. She quickly learns that Australian wild life aint nothing to f$*k with. Lizzie takes drastic measures and arms herself with a flip flop and a few homies in hopes of having a good nights sleep.

Commercial: Lizzie Armanto For Independent Trucks [21/7/2018]
Featuring Lizzie Armanto for the Independent Trucks, August 2018 Advert from the #HotshotsSkateGang Tour through the Southwest!

Lizzie Armanto Vans Interview [11/3/2018]
Smashing boundaries and blasting past labels is second nature to Lizzie Armanto. Here, Lizzie talks about ignoring fear, falling, and getting right back up again.

Commercial: Lizzy Armantos Pro Wheels [16/2/2018]
Bones Wheels has released Lizzies first Pro Wheel! Grab a set at your favorite skate shop.

Lizzie Armanto VPS Profile Interview [26/9/2017]
Lizzie Armanto is one of the most respected women in skateboarding as well as being a favorite in every contest. Get to know @lizziearmanto.

Lizzie Armanto Good Sports Interview [12/8/2017]
A Pro Skateboarder Whos Shredding A Path For Women In The Sport.

Lizzie Armanto Americas Navy Profile [17/7/2017]
X Games gold medalist Lizzie Armanto learns how to defuse a situation with the help of an Americas Navy EODC!

Rough Cut: Lizzie Armantos Fire Part [5/5/2017]
Lizzie brought the heat, stoked the fire, and put out one hell of a video part. Heres a glimpse of the raw footy.

Lizzie Armanto Thrasher Interview [28/4/2017]
Thrasher Magazine did an interview with Lizzie Armanto.

Lizzie Armanto Fire Part [25/4/2017]
Lizzie sets the skateboarding world ablaze, crushing coping, taking flight, and even flipping herself upside down. HEAVY part!

Lizzie Armanto Glamour Feature [22/4/2017]
24-year-old Lizzie Armanto is blazing a trail for women in skateboarding, and shes the first woman in 24 years to land on the cover of Thrasher Magazine.

Magnified: Lizzie Armanto [22/4/2017]
With its big walls and unforgiving terrain, Washington Street can be a harsh dragons lair. Lizzie slays a fearless make in the corner pocket.

Lizzie Armanto Frostie Flakes Commercial [8/4/2017]
Lizzie Armanto commercial for Frostie Flakes.

Birdhouse Pro Lizzy Armato [20/3/2017]
A casual backyard vert session turns into the surprise of a lifetime. Congrats Lizzie!

Lizzy Armanto WTWB Interview [21/9/2016]
Lizzie Armanto talks about her passion for Skateboarding in this While the Water Boils interview with Hannah Hart.

Lizzy Armanto Vice Interview [27/8/2016]
Vice caught up with Lizzy Armanto in Malmo to talk about the lack of diversity i skating, and the 2020 Olympics.

Lizzie Armanto Vans Pro Park Interview [19/8/2016]
Vans Pro Park Series caught up with Lizzie Armanto for an interview.

Vans Park Series 2016 Womens 2nd Footage [5/8/2016]
The first Vans Pro Skate Park Series contest of 2016 was heated. After skating all day in the scorching Huntington Beach sun, Lizzie Armanto put a solid run together to take second place and build some momentum for the World Championship in Malmo, Sweden. Heres how Lizzie got 2nd.

Free Lunch Interview with Lizzie Armanto [22/7/2016]
Lizzie Armanto sat down to share some stories in this Free Lunch video.

Lizzy Armanto Teen Vogue Interview [16/7/2016]
Teen Vogue talked to Lizzy Armanto about being the only female team rider on Vans and more.

Commercial: Lizzie Armanto for Pro-Tec [5/5/2016]
Lizzie Armanto clip from Pro-Tec.

X Games 2016 Austin Riderslist [31/3/2016]
The riders for the X Games 2016 Austin event has been announced, with skaters from USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Belgium and Norway.

Ben Hatchell and Lizzy Armanto Join Step Up [22/6/2012]
Ben Hatchell and Lizzy Armanto have joined Step Up and Skate as ambassadors. Here is some information.