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Ciao is a skatevideo from Ricardo Napoli.

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Full Video: Ciao [7/6/2019]
The diversity of styles, personalities, and cultures in NYC are what make skateboarding here exceptional. Ricardo Napolis video Ciao, filmed entirely in New York, is dedicated to the creative minds from the five boroughs and across the globe who make this city what it is.

Video Part: Ryo Motohashi in Ciao [7/6/2019]
The curtains from Ciao. Ryo is representin.

Video Part: Kaue and Leonardo in Ciao [7/6/2019]
Kaue Cossa and Leonardo Bodelazzi, Ciao Part.

Video Part: Giovani Ricardo and Gabriel Jr in Ciao [2/6/2019]
Giovani Ricardo and Gabriel Jrs part from Ciao.

Video Part: Kento Yoshioka in Ciao [28/5/2019]
Filmmaker Ricardo Napoli has done it again. Another full length video out of NYC full of underground rippers.