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The X2 Festival is a Norwegian extrem sports festival.

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X2 Festival 2019 [23/12/2018]
The X2 Festival is being held 28-31 March, 2019.

X2 Skate 2018 Results and Footage [23/4/2018]
Results and footage from ramp and street.

X2 Festival 2018 [2/10/2017]
Next years X2 Festival is being held 19-22 April, 2018.

XSkate 2017 Results and Footage [25/4/2017]
This years XSkate set a new audience record Here are results and footage.

XSkate 2017 Live #2 [25/4/2017]
XFestival reporter Kristians checks out the XSkate event.

XSkate 2017 Live #1 [25/4/2017]
A live stream clip from the XSkate event.

Xskate 2017 Street Run Footage [25/4/2017]
Here is a run from the street contest at Xskate 2017.

XSkate 2017 Footage [23/4/2017]
Check out some footage from the XSkate event in their Friday recap video.

X2 Festival 2017 Skate Promo [11/4/2017]
The X2 Festival has put out a promo clip for the skate contest at Mre Skatehall.

X2 Festivalen 2017 XSkate [10/3/2017]
This years XSkate skateboard contest at X2 Festivalen is being held at Mre Skatehall 20th April 2017.

X2 Festivalen 2017 XBoard [10/3/2017]
This years XBoard longboard contest at X2 Festivalen is being held in Volda 22nd April 2017.

New Longboard World Record [7/8/2016]
In conjunction with the X2 Festival, Ali Nas and Aldin Hodzic set the world record for the worlds deepest longboard run at Eiksundtunnelen.

X2 Festival 2016 [26/3/2016]
XSkate and XBoard are part of the X2 Festival in Volda, and both are eligible as one of the TrippelX contests. The festival is being held 14-16 April 2016.

Xskate 2015 Results [20/4/2015]
Here are results and more from the Xskate 2015 contest at the new skatepark in Volda.

Xskate 2015 [23/3/2015]
The X2 Festival in Volda introduces an Xskate contest for this years event 16-19 April.