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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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New Skatepark In Stord [23/9/2010]
A new skatepark has been built at Nordbygdo Skule in Stord.

Norwegian Indoor Skateparks in 2010 [31/12/2010]
In this first article of the year, we take a look at some of the indoor skateparks in Norway and some footage from last year.

Eirik Skaug on 2Seasons [30/12/2010]
2Seasons has welcomed Eirik Skaug to their skateboarding team. Here is some information on the update.

All City Showdown 2010 Results [30/12/2010]
Results from the 2010 All City Showdown contest.

Full Video: Juice Christmas [30/12/2010]
Juice Christmas full video.

Video Part: Erik Johnsens in Monsoon [30/12/2010]
Erik Johnsens full part from the Monsoon video.

Video Part: Jonatan Drab in Juice Christmas [30/12/2010]
Jonatan Drabs part from the Juice Christmas video.

WeSC Portland Tour 2010 Footage [30/12/2010]
Back in late September, the WeActivist crew took a little gaunt up to Portland to skate some cement in the fine Fall weather of the Northwest.

IPath Pacific Northwest Tour 2010 Footage [30/12/2010]
Ipath gathered up the guys, along with a few special guests, and headed to some of the best built Skateparks in America. Here is the footage from the tour.

Team Update: Nature Hardware [29/12/2010]
Nature Hardware has welcomed Kris Markovich, Nate Broussard, Sean Conover and Jack Crook to their team. Here is some information.

Blind Welcomes Sean Sheffey [29/12/2010]
Blind Skateboards has welcomed Sean Sheffey to their pro team. Here is the welcome clip and some information.

Steffen Austerheim 13 Tricks at Bryggeriet [29/12/2010]
Steffen Austerheim ripping Bryggeriet Skatepark with 13 tricks.

Delta Charlie 3 Stavanger Footage [28/12/2010]
Delta Charlie 3 video premier in Stavanger, Norway.

Drew Dezort on Theeve [24/12/2010]
Drew Dezort is the latest addition to the Theeve Am team. Here is the welcome video and some information.

Spotcheck: Helgerd Skatepark 2010 [24/12/2010]
Verkty i Lufa has built a new skatepark at Helgerd.

Porsgrunn Skatepark Opening Footage #2 [23/12/2010]
Tor Martin Tinderholt filmed some clips at the opening of the new skatepark in Porsgrunn.

Santa Skate Stavanger 2010 Results and Footage [23/12/2010]
Vox Footwear and Stavanger Skateklubb arranged a Santa Skate event at the indoor skatepark in Stavanger before Christmas. Here are results and some footage.

Syndrome Distributes Birdhouse [22/12/2010]
Birdhouse has joined forces with Syndrome for manufacturing and distribution of the brand. Here is some information on the update.

Chad Tim Tim with Dekline [22/12/2010]
Dekline has welcomed Chad Tim Tim to their skateboarding team. Here is some information and the welcome clip.

Daniel Grnwall Pro With Bellows [20/12/2010]
Daniel Grnwall has turned pro with Bellows Skateboards. Here is a clip and some information on the update.

World Industries Welcomes Matt Mendenhall [20/12/2010]
World Industries has welcomed Matt Mendenhall to their skateboarding team. Here is the welcome video and some information.

Marcus Vik Fall/Summer Footage 2010 [19/12/2010]
Here is some fresh Marcus Vik footage.

Plan B United Tour 2010 Footage [18/12/2010]
The Plan B Skateboards team recently finished their United Tour. Here is footage from all the stops.

Robin Asserson Skates Bergen [16/12/2010]
Robin Asserson Skates Bergen

Junkyard Best Trick Bergen Results and Footage [16/12/2010]
Junkyard arranged a best trick contest at Fysak Skatepark in Bergen last month. Here are results and footage from the event.

Kvinesdal Christmas Skate 2010 [16/12/2010]
Kvinesdal Skateboardklubb invites to a christmas skate event at the indoor skatepark.

Trikkestallen Xmas Jam 2010 Results and Footage [15/12/2010]
The annual Christmas Jam was held at Trikkestallen Skatepark recently. Here are the results and footage from the event.

Lucia Classics 2010 Results and Footage [15/12/2010]
The annual Lucia Classics was held in Karlstad, Sweden, recently. Here are results and footage from the event.

New indoor skatepark in Larvik [15/12/2010]
The skateboarders in Larvik has gotten a new indoor skatepark. Here is some information on the update.

Etnies Netherland Weekend Trip Footage [13/12/2010]
The Dutch etnies team went on a little trip in the Netherlands together with Swedish etnies rider Abbe Nyberg. Here is footage from the tour.

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