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Japan is a country in East Asia.

Also known as: Nihon / Nippon / The State of Japan / Nippon-koku / Nihon-koku

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Skateboard Info Updates [22/6/2019]
The latest version of Skateboard Info Acion for Google Assistant can tell you more about skateboard events and contests.

Tour Footage: Fact Brand Cambryan Factory Sample [18/6/2019]
Cambyran is a monster on four wheels and his teammates back up that savage energy on a trip to Japan. Hubba grind at the end mustve felt incredible..

Sky Brown Lumen News Feature [8/6/2019]
Back in March Lumen News featured Sky Brown a 10-year-old professional skateboarder whos dream is to go to the Olympics in 2020!

How To Qualify For The 2020 Skateboard Olympics [23/5/2019]
The Olympic Channel has published a complete guide on how to qualify as a skateboarder for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Team Update: Yuto Horigome April Pro Full Part [21/5/2019]
Cant stop. Wont stop. Yuto Horigome for April Skateboards.

Kevin Bkkel Behind The Grind [27/4/2019]
Take a look at the B-Sides of Kevin Baekkels grind from Emericas Japan tour video, Proverbs.

FISE World Series 2019 Hiroshima Top 5 Footage [26/4/2019]
Top 5 Tricks from the Skateboard Street contest at FISE Hiroshima 2019.

FWS 2019 Hiroshima Ryo Sagawa Footage [25/4/2019]
Ryo Sagawa leads the Japanese boys to a podium sweep in the Skateboard Street Final at #FISEHiroshima.

FWS 2019 Hiroshima Ike Keyaki Footage [25/4/2019]
First run and Ike Keyaki blasts a 90.10 to take 2nd in the Skateboard Street Final!

FWS 2019 Hiroshima Aoki Yukito Footage [25/4/2019]
Aoki Yukito rounds out a Japanese podium in the Skateboard Street Final at #FISEHiroshima!

FISE WS 2019 Hiroshima Results and Footage [22/4/2019]
Here are results and footage from the FISE World Series skateboard contests.

FISE World Series 2019 Hiroshima Live Footage [19/4/2019]
FWS Hiroshima 2019: Skateboard Street Pro Final.

Damn Am 2019 Japan Results and Footage [16/4/2019]
Damn Am 2019 Japan Results and Footage

Damn Am 2019 Japan Finals Footage [16/4/2019]
You can measure it in Metric or Standard, but either way the talent in Japan is off the charts! And the Damn Am Japan Finals offered up all the proof needed.

Damn Am 2019 Japan Sora Shirai Footage [16/4/2019]
Gekiyaba! From the very first trick of his run Sora was going after the win with a vengence, and he nailed every single trick to make it two in a row at Damn Am Japan. Next youll be seeing Sora do his thing in the Tampa Am Semi Finals.

2019 Damn Am Japan: Qualifiers and Best Trick SPoT Life [16/4/2019]
Its Qualifiers and Independent Best Trick where the only question is...which of these kids will be the next Yuto?

Damn Am 2019 Japan Practice Footage [16/4/2019]
Usually theres a kid, two at the most, that could be said to win practice. This is what it looks like when they all do.

FISE Word Series 2019 Hiroshima Promo Video [15/4/2019]
The FISE World Series is back!

Nike SB Tokyo Dojo Opening [14/4/2019]
The Nike SB Dojo in Tokyo, Japan opened Saturday, April 6.

FISE Word Series 2019 Hiroshima [3/3/2019]
FISE Word Series 2019 first stop is at the Former Hiroshima Municipal Stadium in Hiroshima, Japan, on 19th 21st April, 2019.

You Can Only Skate Tokyo at Night [17/2/2019]
You Can Only Skate Tokyo at Night from Pocket Skateboard Magazine.

Tour Footage: Lakai Japan Tour [21/1/2019]
Lakai headed to Tokyo, Japan for the launch of Tony Hawks inaugural Lakai shoe, The Proto.

Commercial: adidas Skateboarding X Evisen [20/1/2019]
A curated clash of east meets west, this debut collaboration between adidas Skateboarding and Tokyo-based skate brand, Evisen, features essential silhouettes for any season, time or place.

SLS WC 2019 Brazil Global Open Qualifier Results [10/1/2019]
Results from the Street League Skateboarding Brazil Global Open Qualifier.

Nike SB Best of 2018 [1/1/2019]
Heres the best of the best in 2018 from Nike Skateboarding. Enjoy.

Olympic Skateboard Format and Qualifications [23/12/2018]
Here is some information on the skateboarding format in the Olympic Games, and how to qualify for the 2020 skateboard olympics.

Tour Footage: Sovrn Japan 2018 [21/12/2018]
Featuring Alex Midler, Mikey Taylor, Walker Ryan, Nate Greenwood & Tyler Jeremy.

Vans APAC Shikumen [12/12/2018]
Vans Asia rented a Shikumen, an old Shanghai lane house, for a month and invited the Vans team from all over the world to explore the city. Staying in week-long shifts, the team from the USA, France, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan cruised around with the Vans China team as they skated the city of marble, devouring xiaolongbaos and dodging scooters along the way.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2018 Contenders [29/11/2018]
Thrashers hot list of SOTY Contenders for 2018.

Park Skateboarding WC 2018 Results and Footage [9/11/2018]
Park Skateboarding World Championships 2018 Results.

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