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Full Video: Gato Preto [30/8/2019]
Ous latest skatevide rips, and includes a part with their Oslo fam. Check it out here!

HELride 2019 Monster Footage [10/8/2019]
Theres no better time to be alive than at the Helsinki Helride, where skateboarders and skate fans take to the streets of Helsinki, Finland to turn the beautiful architecture into skateable art.

Make Life Skate Life Builds Skatepark In Brazil [12/7/2019]
After a successful fundraiser, Make Life Skate Lifes team of volunteers from Brazil, Colombia, Europe and the US has started building a new skatepark .

Vans Park Series 2019 Brazil Footage [6/7/2019]
RAD Moments at Vans Skate Park in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

VPS 2019 Brazil Pedro Barros Footage [26/6/2019]
The king of Brazil did not disappoint his home crowd with a powerful display of skating in Sao Paulo.

VPS 2019 Brazil Luiz Francisco Footage [26/6/2019]
Luiz Francisco hits the podium for his second time this year with a second place finish off his last run.

VPS 2019 Brazil Tristan Rennie Footage [26/6/2019]
Tristan Rennie left it until his last run of the day to bring home the bronze in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Tristan also claimed 3rd place in the 2018 Sao Paulo event.

VPS 2019 Brazil Yndiara Asp Footage [26/6/2019]
Local hero Yndiara Asp thrived off the crowds energy to take the win of the Womens Pro Tour Final in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

VPS 2019 Brazil Sakura Yosozumi Footage [26/6/2019]
Sakura Yosozumi continues her dominant performances in 2019 with a 2nd place here in Sao Paulo, Brazil off the back of her win in Shanghai, China.

VPS 2019 Brazil Brighton Zeuner Footage [26/6/2019]
2X VPS World Champion Brighton Zeuner claimed 3rd position with this solid ride in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Congrats Brighton!

The Nine Club Episode 151 Leticia Bufoni [26/6/2019]
Leticia Bufoni discusses growing up in So Paulo Brazil, moving to California at age 14, filming for the Osiris video Children Of The Revolution, getting on Nike SB, turning pro for Plan B Skateboards, posing nude for the ESPN Body issue, getting knocked out at Street League, her fascination with skydiving, having a skatepark in her backyard, her Push Part, celebrating too soon at Street League, working out, the Olympics, filming for the Nike SB video Gizmo and much more!

Vans Park Series 2019 Brazil Results [26/6/2019]
Results from Vans Park Series.

Skateboard Info Updates [22/6/2019]
The latest version of Skateboard Info Acion for Google Assistant can tell you more about skateboard events and contests.

Loveletters Season 10: Og De Souza Love Note [22/6/2019]
Og De Souza is a big part of Brazilian skate history . His story IS skateboarding to its core... then, now and everywhere.

Marcos de Souza Videofolio [22/6/2019]
Marcos de Souza is a trailblazer in the visual language of skateboarding. The Brazilian videographer has forged an unorthodox career achieving international acclaim for his work conducted outside the auspices of the US industry. His undeniable talent and flair have made him a firm favorite for Red Bull Skateboarding productions, and so this distillation of his mighty art is one of the most slick edits you will ever see!

Yndiara Asp (BRA) VPS Athlete Profile Interview [22/6/2019]
In this VPS Rider Profile Yndiara Asp talks about the skate scene in her home town of Florianpolis Brazil as well as the Vans Park Series Legacy Park here in So Paulo.

Pedro Barros (BRA) VPS Athlete Profile Interview [22/6/2019]
In this VPS Rider Profile, Pedro Barros the boss of the Brazilian skate scene talks about the skaters that influenced him as well as the impact of the So Paulo Legacy Skatepark

Murilo Peres (BRA) VPS Athlete Profile Interview [22/6/2019]
So Paulo local Murilo Peres gives us an insight into his favourite Brazilian skaters and the growth of the sport in his home country in this Vans Park Series athlete profile.

Vinicius Kakinho Athlete Profile Interview [22/6/2019]
Hailing from Florianopolis, Brazil under the guidance of Pedro Barros, Vi has been pushing park skating to a new level. Hear Vis thoughts on the skate scene in Brazil and how its progressing.

Full Part: Dwayne Fagundes Dreams 2 Reality [22/6/2019]
Full part from DGKs latest pro Dwayne Fagundes.

Full Part: Dwayne Fagundes DGK Remix [18/6/2019]
A remix of all Dwayne Fagundes video parts since being put on game.

Athlete Profile: Dora Varella [17/6/2019]
Vans Park Series are getting ready to head back to So Paulo for the next stop on the Vans Park Series Pro Tour June 22-23rd. In this video they talked to Dora Varella about the Brazil skate scene and how hyped the community there gets at every contest.

Vans Park Series 2019 Brazil Promo Video [17/6/2019]
Vans Park Series heads to Sao Paulo, Brazil for the 2nd stop of the 2019 Pro Tour on June 23rd, 2019.

Kelvin Hoefler Aftenposten Interview [28/5/2019]
Aftenposten talked to Kelvin Hoefler when he visited Oslo recently.

How To Qualify For The 2020 Skateboard Olympics [23/5/2019]
The Olympic Channel has published a complete guide on how to qualify as a skateboarder for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Full Part: Rodrigo TX Sigilo [23/5/2019]
If youre looking to get inspired and motivated and just all-around stoked, then look no further. Rodrigo has been killing it for decades and his game just keeps getting stronger. Style for miles and skills for days. This man is the fountain of youth.

Video Part: Kalani Konig E11even [18/5/2019]
Skate video part from eleven year old brazilian flow rider Kalani Konig.

Full Part: JP Dantas Colorway Part [26/4/2019]
JP Dantas video part to commemorate the launch of his colorway and 10 years on the DC Shoes Brasil team.

Giovanni Vianna Red Bull Checkout [22/4/2019]
Giovanni Vianna may not be from the classic school of Brazilian ledge brilliance and boomed flips, but he represents both a perhaps more creative and certainly gnarlier edge. An out-and-out street rat, you could say with some confidence that his star is in the ascendant. Jam with one of skateboardings stars of the future, as we roll on out with So Paulos latest ballistic missile: Giovanni Vianna.

Tour Footage: Nike SB 58 Tour So Paulo [16/4/2019]
So Paulo: concrete jungle, metropole. The SB Brasil team transmutes this grey city with their powerful colors of energy and style.

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