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Spain is a country in Europe.

Also known as: The Kingdom of Spain [full title] / Spania [norwegian]

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Boulevard Spain Tour 2016 Footage [16/12/2016]
Watch the Boulevard Skate Co team ripping around Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Seville with the Brazilian crew.

Daniel Yabar Kingpin Interview [17/11/2016]
Kingpin Magazine talked to Daniel Yabar about his skatepark design work in Spain.

The Geriatric Tour 2016 Footage [4/11/2016]
The Geriatric Tour followed the Southeast coast of Spain on a quest for the Fountain of Youth or at least a couple of clips.

Europes Best Skate Plazas [24/10/2016]
Kingpin Magazine takes a look at the best skate plazas in Europe.

Spotcheck: Logrono Streetplaza 2016 [21/10/2016]
Here are some pictures from the new skatepark in La Rioja, Spain, designed by Daniel Yabar.

Spotcheck: Denia Bowl 2015 [21/10/2016]
Here is a picture from the bowl in Denia, Spain.

Spotcheck: Santa Lucia Skatepark 2015 [21/10/2016]
Here is a picture from the new Santa Lucia skatepark.

Spotcheck: Nepal Skatepark 2015 [21/10/2016]
Here is a picture from the skatepark in Alcobendas, Spain.

Spotcheck: Del Mar Skate House 2013 [21/10/2016]
Here are some pictures from the Del Mar Skate House in Logrono, Spain.

Vans Shop Riot 2016 Spain Results and Footage [24/9/2016]
This years Vans Shop Riot Qualifier event in Spain was a hot one, in more ways than one. It was a blisteringly hot and long day, and the sun was shining down strong, making it very intense for skating, but all the teams absorbed that heat and turned it into flames.

Cruzade Skateboards Calavera Tour 2016 Footage [8/8/2016]
Join the Cruzade Skateboards army in this tour around Basque Country and south France, shredding every spot and drinking every beer.

Etnies Barcelona Demo 2016 Tour Footage [23/7/2016]
The etnies team held a demo in Barcelona as part of their Tea Tapas and Tres Tour.

80 Year Old Spanish Skateboarder [7/6/2016]
Juanjo from Bilbao in Spain started skateboarding at the age of 74, and is still rolling six years later.

Nike SB Barcelona Am 2016 Ride Channel Footage [26/5/2016]
The Nike SB European series first stop was at the perfect skatepark in Badalona, Spain. Jorge Simoes from Portugal won and got a ticket straight to the finals in Berlin.

Nike SB Barcelona Am 2016 Best Trick Footage [26/5/2016]
Fran Martinez made this video from the Nike SB Barcelona Am best trick contest.

Nike SB Barcelona Am 2016 Ride Channel Top 3 Video [25/5/2016]
The Nike SB European Series had the first stop in Barcelona in the beautiful skatepark by the beach, which all the skaters killed the whole weekend but only Jorge Simoes went back home with 3.000 euros and a free ticket to Berlin for the European super finals.

SLS 2016 Barcelona Pro Open Facebook Footage [24/5/2016]
Here are a bunch of Facebook clips from the Street League 2016 Barcelona Pro event.

Nike SB Barcelona Am 2016 Results and Footage [23/5/2016]
Here are results and footage from the Nike SB Barcelona Am 2016 contest.

SLS 2016 Barcelona Pro Open Results and Footage [23/5/2016]
Here are results and footage from the Street League Skateboarding Barcelona Pro Open contest.

SLS Barcelona Webcast + Barcelona Am Invite 2016 [20/5/2016]
Here is some information on the live webcast along with the invitation video for The Nike SB Euro Series Barcelona event.

Zoo York Barcelona 2016 Tour Footage [19/5/2016]
The Zoo York team went on a trip to the skate paradise of Barcelona.

Holy Stokes Premier Dates [19/5/2016]
Here are the European premier dates for Volcoms Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening video.

Spotcheck: Bilbao Skatepark April 2016 [29/4/2016]
Here is a picture of the concrete skatepark in Bilbao.

Nike SB Euro Series 2016 [28/4/2016]
Here is the schedule for this years Nike SB Euro Series.

Make It Count 2016 [25/3/2016]
The 2016 Make It Count international contest series is back, and with a new format.

Alfaz del Pi Resumes Work On Skatepark [12/2/2016]
Alfaz del Pi has resumed work on a new skatepark, and phase one will be finished in April.