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The Republic of Finland is a Nordic country in northeastern Europe. The commonly used Finnish name for the country is Suomi, the Swedish name Finland.

Also known as: Suomen tasavalta (finnish) / Republiken Finland (svedish) / Suomi Finland / Fennia (latin) / SkateEvents

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Behind the Scenes of Jaakko Ojanens White Desert [7/10/2018]
Join Jaakko Ojanen and friends as they skate the White Desert project in Bolivia.

Rauma Skatepark Has Opened [6/10/2018]
The new skatepark in Rauma, Finland, has been officially opened.

Rauma Skatepark Completed [22/9/2018]
Concrete Proof has completed a skatepark in Rauma, Finland.

Spotguide Problems Resolved on The Justme Website [10/9/2018]
The Skate To Spots and Drive To Spots guides are now working on all browsers.

European Skateboard Championships 2018 [24/8/2018]
The ice age is over! The European skateboard scene goes back to Basel for the 2018 edition of ESC, being held Aug 31 - Sep 2, 2018.

HELride 2018 JS Footage [9/8/2018]
HELride is an international skateboarding event held in Helsinki, Finland. It gathers top skaters from all around the world to have fun and hit the spots of Helsinki.

HELride 2018 TWS Footage [1/8/2018]
Check out this recap of Finlans huge summer contest. Youve really got to get out to Europe this summer and experience these amazing events. Next up, well see you out in Berlin, August 9-12 for CPH, right!?

Kingpins Guide To Helsinki [29/7/2018]
A skateboarders guide to Helsinki.

Helride 2018 Monster Footage [26/7/2018]
#HelsinkiHelride Highlights.

HELride 2018 Suvilahti DIY Footage [25/7/2018]
SUVILAHTI DIY got lit on saturday 14th! Girls, guys, parents, children, airs, tricks, sesh and the death race!

Mans-E-Rama 2018 [25/7/2018]
Manserama 2018 is being held in Tampere 3-4 August, 2018.

Helride 2018 Free Recap [25/7/2018]
Helsinki Helride 2018 Recap from Free Skate Mag.

Helride 2018 VizPe Footage [23/7/2018]
Helride 2018 VizPe Footage.

Helride 2018 KK Footage [23/7/2018]
Kent Ketomki gives you some cellphone footage from Helride 18.

HELride 2018 The Game of Game Footage [21/7/2018]
A game of skate with Croks, penny board and other specialities inside the Kamppi shopping center.

HELride 2018 Wheels on Fire Footage [21/7/2018]
Ponkes drove their rally car to Narinkkatori and the skaters took care of the rest.

HELride 2018 Hammertime Footage [21/7/2018]
Friday the 13 at the 15 stair rail in Kamppi Shopping center. Why not!?

Helride 2018 Results and Footage [21/7/2018]
Results and footage from Helride in Finland.

Spotcheck: Kouvola Skatepark Video [12/7/2018]
Take a swirl at the new skatepark in Kovola, Finland.

Helride 2018 Program [6/7/2018]
Helride 2018 Program

Helride 2018 Promo [21/6/2018]
Helride 2018 is being held in Helsinki 12-14 July, 2018.

Suvilahti DIY Skatepark Reopening [12/6/2018]
Suvilahti DIY new paintjob is ready, and the official opening will is today, Helsinki Day 12.6.2018.

Suvilahti DIY Skatepark Closed For Painting [7/6/2018]
Suvilahti DIY Skatepark Closed For Painting This Week, And Will Open For Helsinki Day 12.6 with free skateschool, music etc.

Kenneli Gets Outdoor Skatepark [12/5/2018]
An outdoor concrete skatepark is being built outside the Kenneli DIY Skatepark in Tampere, Finland.

Kouvola Gets Skatepark [10/5/2018]
A new 300,000-euro skatepark in Kouvola should be open to users by the end of July at the latest.

Save The Suvilahti DIY Skatepark [23/4/2018]
Sign the petition to prevent the demolition of the Suvilahti DIY Skatepark in Helsinki, Finland.

Frozen skating in Finland [21/4/2018]
Roope Tonteri and Jaakko Ojanen skate mini ramp transitions on an spinning ice carousel.

Arto Saari Thrasher Interview [27/3/2018]
Thrasher talked to Arto Saari about the year he won Skater of the Year.

Trelogy 2018 Melu Magazine Best Trick Footage [21/2/2018]
Melu Magazine Best Trick competition in TRELOGY event. Not something you see everyday...

Skate SM 2018 Results and Footage [16/2/2018]
Here are the results from the Finnish skateboard championships, and footage from the Trelogy weekend.

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