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Rabalder is a series about Norwegian skateboard history.

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Rabalder Episode 3 Bjarne Bergsaker [12/7/2019]
Here is the YouTube version of Rabalder episode 3.

Rabalder Episode 3 Bjarne Bergsaker [6/7/2019]
Third episode of Rabalder features Bjarne Bergsaker.

Rabalder Episode 3 Premier [27/6/2019]
The third episode in the Rabalder series is premiering at Comfort Hotel in Stavanger, in conjunction with the Norwegian skateboard championship, on Friday 28. June 2019.

Rabalder Episode 2 Jrgen Johannessen part 2 [22/6/2019]
Part two of Jrgen Johannessens Rabalder episode.

Rabalder Episode 2 Jrgen Johannessen part 1 [18/6/2019]
In the second episode of Per Christian Lvss documentary series, we meet Norways foremost and most legendary skate filmer Jrgen stbye Johannesen. Jrgen takes us around Frogner and shows us his impressive collection of old skateboards.

Rabalder Episode 2 Torgny Amdam Part 2 [14/5/2019]
Episode two of the Rabalder series is back with Torgny Amdam part two.

Rabalder Episode 1: Torgny Amdam [11/5/2019]
Torgny Amdam is the subject in the first episode of Per Christian Løvås new series on Norwegian skateboard history.