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Episode: Out of Sight Thrash Can [9/7/2018]
K-Dubs / Oakland : Skating teaches us to look at our surroundings different. Walls and obstacles become opportunities. Youth Activist and Artist Keith K-Dubs Williams sees Oakland as a place for positive change, taking action and creating new environments for the youth. You will never look at a trash container as just a place to throw garbage again.

Episode: Out of Sight Uprise / Chicago [19/6/2018]
As the world changes around us daily one truth remains for a scene to grow and survive it needs a heart to keep it going. For 20 years now Uriah, Ken and the crew from Uprise have steadfastly given the skaters of Chicago a place that they can depend on, where all who walk through doors can feel at home. This is the story of how and why they keep it going.

Teaser: Out of Sight Home is Where the Heart Is [4/6/2018]
Out of Sight: Home is Where the Heart Is coming June 2018.

Trailer: Out of Sight [19/5/2018]
Out of Sight is a series of short films from REAL Skateboards that highlights the efforts of a few who make skateboarding better for all.