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Jeff Grossos Loveletters To Skateboarding is a web series from Vans.

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Loveletters Season 10: France Episode [10/8/2019]
The Loveletters crew took a trip from Paris to Lyon to Marseille, meeting up with skaters from every generation of French skaters along the way. They interviewed as many as they could and made this episode from their stories. This episode is NOT a history of Frances skate scene! This is a Loveletter to some of the many great French skaters who have killed it over the years. Watch this and then put your phone down and book a flight to France immediately.

Loveletters Season 10: Og De Souza Love Note [22/6/2019]
Og De Souza is a big part of Brazilian skate history . His story IS skateboarding to its core... then, now and everywhere.

Loveletters Season 10: Brazil Episode [18/6/2019]
Brazil has one of the best, oldest and coolest skate scenes in the world. Grosso and the Love Letters crew headed down to see how much of epic skate history they could uncover in 8 days. This is the longest episode ever and we barely scratched the surface of Brazilian skateboarding!

Loveletters Season 10: Mike Smith Love Note | Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skate [17/6/2019]
Mike Smith has had a big impact on skateboarding... He invented the Smith Stop and the Smith Vert! He also had a company in the late 80s called Liberty Skates. Grosso gives some love to one of his all time favorite skaters.

Loveletters Season 10: Lizzie Armanto Episode [1/6/2019]
Skateboarding is for everyone. There are no gate keepers, no coaches, no teams or leagues, and no rules. Grosso sits down with his good friend Lizzie to talk about skating, the loop, girl power, and more.

Loveletters Season 10: Ray Bones Love Note [28/5/2019]
Ray Bones Rodriguez was one of skateboardings first child prodigys. His career as a pro skater didnt last long but Grosso got to witness it first hand and it is forever burned into his memory.

Loveletters Season 10: Hackett Slash Love Note [21/5/2019]
A look behind one of the most iconic grinds in skateboarding, performed by one of the most charismatic characters in skate history, Dave Hackett.

Loveletters Season 10 China Episode [11/5/2019]
Skateboarding is freedom. In 1989 when George Powell, the owner of Powell Peralta Skateboards, flew to Beijing China was transforming from a closed market Communist society to an open global super power. George had one goal: to bring skateboarding to the biggest country in the world. The only problem: there were no skaters or skateboards anywhere in China.

Loveletters Season 10: Five Great DIYs [2/5/2019]
The DIY concrete skatepark building revolution altered the course of skateboarding forever. Anything is possible when skaters unite and take over. In this episode of The Letters they picked their 5 favorites and talked to the main players about how they got them going and what it takes to keep them standing.

Loveletters Season 10: Natas Love Note [26/4/2019]
Natas Kaupas was one of the skaters who led the charge in the mid 80s away from the backyard ramps to the streets. We wanted to take a moment to insure no one ever forgets how radical and influential NATAS was.

Grossos Loveletters To Skateboarding S10E01 Venice [22/4/2019]
Loveletters Season 10: Venice | Jeff Grossos Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

Loveletters Season 9 The Outtakes Episode [28/11/2018]
Grossos not going off? Thats what he thinks. The editors have hours and hours of footage of Jeff speaking his mind and have edited some of their favorite outtakes together into one incoherent episode. Enjoy.

Jeff Grossos Love Notes on Julien Stranger [9/11/2018]
AntiHero Skateboards Julien Stranger is an enigma wrapped in a riddlehe also rips. Grosso takes 60 seconds to remind everyone how rad Julien is.

Loveletters Season 9 Airs Episode [2/11/2018]
Grosso talks about airs and the people who do airs and all the different kinds of airs. This is a loveletter to getting into the air.

Loveletters Season 9: Board Graphics Episode [28/10/2018]
We may not remember our moms birthday or the anniversary but all remember our first boards- The graphics burned into our brains forever. Grosso sits down with Sean Cliver and others to talk about the world of BOARD GRAPHICS.

Jeff Grossos Love Notes on Salman Agah [23/10/2018]
The switch master. Jeff Grosso shows love to Pizzanistas Salman Agah and his early 90s Vans shoe.

Loveletters Season 9: Tony Hawk Episode [13/10/2018]
Grosso sits down with Tony Hawk for a conversation that spans their almost 40 years of skateboarding and friendship.

Jeff Grossos Love Notes on Tom Boyle [6/10/2018]
From Toronto/PA/Texas. Everyone wanted a piece of Tom The Rock Boyle in the early/mid 90s. He was one of the best. Grosso send love to our fallen brother.

Loveletters Season 9 Episode 4 [1/10/2018]
Caller, youre live! Vans literally phoned this one in. Their first ever phone-in episode is dedicated to Texas. Gibson, Johnson, Wilkes and Newton... Grosso calls in the classics to discuss one of the best scenes ever.

Jeff Grossos Love Notes on Mofo [22/9/2018]
If you picked up a Thrasher from 1981-90 you saw plenty of Mofo photos. Grosso gives a little love to this living legend.

Loveletters Season 9 Episode 3 [20/9/2018]
Building a scene takes time and lots of work. For over 40 years the skaters in Atlanta have worked together to build one of the best scenes anywhere in the world. Grosso and the Love Letters crew took a trip to ATL to check out the scene.

Jeff Grossos Love Notes on Contests [7/9/2018]
Ever heard of the Mile High Massacre or the Terror at Tahoe? Jeff Grosso takes 60 seconds to talk contests.

Jeff Grossos Love Notes on Tony Trujillo [27/8/2018]
Vans Signature Pro, Tony Trujillo, has been an all terrain ripper for over 20 years. Jeff Grosso takes a minute to show Tony some love and to share some TNT highlights.

Loveletters Season 9 Episode 2 [11/8/2018]
Mark Monk Hubbard was a skateboarder, artist, musician, builder, dreamer, and visionary. This Loveletter is a tribute to Monk in his own words.

Jeff Grossos Love Notes on Indy Ads [27/7/2018]
There are few things as legendary in skateboarding as Independent Trucks ads... Grosso spends 60 seconds calling out his favorites.

Loveletters Season 9 Episode 1 Downhill [19/7/2018]
Jeff Grosso takes 14-minutes to appreciate one of the scariest and most thrilling things in skateboarding...going down a hill, fast.

Love Notes S08E04 [24/10/2017]
Grosso reflects on the crossover between skateboarding and popular culture.

Jeff Grossos Love Letters To Skateboarding S08E11 [18/10/2017]
Always Remember P-Stone Part 2: Preston was traveling around the world shooting and making skate videos since the mid 90s. Heres a look back, starting with his first video.

Jeff Grossos Love Letters To Skateboarding S08E11 [2/10/2017]
Always Remember P-Stone Part 1: Preston logged more miles on the road and more hours behind the camera than anyone in skateboarding. Love Letters dug into the files to show you some of the good times they shared out there.

Love Notes S08E03 [27/9/2017]
You all asked for more Lee Ralph so here you go... Lee talks about Dave Andrecht and how amazing his backside airs were back in 1980.

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