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Mre Skatehall is an indoor skatepark in Mre og Romsdal, Norway.

Also known as: rsta Skatehall / rstad Skatepark / rsta Indoor Skatepark / rsta Skatepark

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Rolling Tits at rsta Indoor Skatepark [10/11/2016]
Forrige mneds utgave av Peikestokken tok en kikk p jenteskate i rsta.

Nrnett Visits rstad Skathall [29/10/2016]
Nrnett did a story about the indoor skatepark in Mre.

Mre Indoor Skatepark Updates and Promo Video [29/8/2016]
A lot of new features are being added to Mre Skatehall, and they hope the street area will be ready in September. Watch the promo video.

Lend Skateboards At Mre Indoor Skatepark [26/6/2016]
Mre Skatehall got equipment you can lend for free, sponsored by Sparebank1 Sre Sunnmre.

Popular Skatepark in Hovdebygda [8/6/2016]
The new indoor skatepark in Mre is so popular that they could have expanded the park three times.

Girlskate in rstad [6/4/2016]
Girls ages 4 to 42 join the girl skate sessions at the indoor skatepark in rstad.

Girlskate at Mre Skatehall [22/2/2016]
Mre Brettklubb arranges girl skate at the new indoor skatepark every Wednesday.

Mre Skate Contest 2016 Results [22/2/2016]
Here are some results from the first contest held at Mre Skatehall.

Mre Skate Contest 2016 [12/2/2016]
The first official skate contest is being held at Mre skatehall on Saturday 13. February 2016.