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The Dew Tour Am Series was an annual skateboarding contest series by Mountain Dew.

Also known as: Dew Tour Am Search

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Roger Silva Am Series Interview [3/11/2017]
Spanish transplant from Brazil Roger Silva repeats a first place finish at Dew Tour Am Series. Winning last years final competition in Amsterdam, Roger made another appearance at this years competition on his home turf. Although he was skating with an injured ankle and kept his skating a bit reserved, his consistent skating stacked points that put him into the final heat once again. With the sun on his back and luck on his side, Roger took home first place and another trip to next years Dew Tour in California.

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 Recap Footage [30/10/2017]
Ten Am Search winners from all parts of the globe flew into skateboardings mecca of destinations, Barcelona. During the stay in Barcelona, Mountain Dew riders Sean Malto, Chris (Cookie) Colbourn, and Jordan Maxham joined in for some paydays. Overall, the days spent in paradise were filled with amazing skating and high fives all around.

Manuel Stiefvater Am Search Interview [30/10/2017]
Local Spaniard Manuel Stiefvater made the short journey from his hometown Madrid to Barcelona. Hence his ability to rip in the street like nobodys businesses. As seen in his winning Am Search submission video, Manuel approaches handrails with confidence and enjoys gapping over them too. Skating for nothing more but himself, we believe Manuel will make it far in skateboarding. Check out his interview from Dew Tour Am Series Barcelona!

Alex Lekinho Am Search Interview [26/10/2017]
Finnish transplant, Alex Lekinho traded the tropical weather of Brazil and now resides in Northern Europe. As a result of moving to the Baltic region, Alex is only able to skate outside for four months out of the year. Although one upside is the ability to fly into skateboardings hub for spots in Barcelona at any time. As seen in Alexs Am Search submission video, hes already spent time there. His gnarly pop amazed us and we were psyched see his magic in person. All in all, check out Alexs interview above on his Dew Tour weekend.

Ben Walters Am Search Interview [26/10/2017]
From the gritty east coast streets to smooth spots of Barcelona, US Am Search winner Ben Walters experiences one of skateboarding meccas of skate destinations. Trying something he normally doesnt do, Ben edited and submitted an insane Am Search video. Notably, it caught our attention and won over enough fan votes to win. As a result, Ben made the journey over the Atlantic Ocean and skated in a whole new world. With endless spots at his disposal, Ben put down so many tricks at each spot that he could have made an entire video part. In short, get the full scoop from Ben about east coast spots and his Barcelona experience.

Joshua Chisolm Am Search Interview [26/10/2017]
Owner of the Instagram handle @hypemanspice, Joshua Chisolm was literally the hype man during the entire stay in Barcelona. Hailing all the way from Cape Town, Joshua aka Spice was made the most out of skating the streets in South Africa and submitted a banger Am Search video. In Spices interview above, he dives into a bit of the skate scene in South Africa, the plentiful spots in Barcelona, and winning the Am Search video contest. As seen above the hype doesnt stop with Spice around.

Alex Decunha Am Search Interview [26/10/2017]
In this interview from Dew Tour Am Series Barcelona, we hear from United Kingdoms Alex Decunha. After watching Alexs insane Am Search submission video we knew he was on another level. Not only is he able to put down mind-boggling tricks on tape, but is also under pressure at a contest. His performance during the cash for tricks earned him some Euros and placed second on Sundays final day of competition. Learn more about the Alex in his interview.

Lukas Bigun Am Search Interview [26/10/2017]
Switzerland Am Search winner Lukas Bigun had a great time out in Barcelona for the Dew Tour Am Series. Lukas suave style had judges nodding their heads in approval all weekend long and his Am Search submission video has the street footage to back it. Get the full scoop from Lukas on what its like skating Sweden, his thoughts on the Am Search video contest, and his overall experience skating in Barcelona.

Mihnea Groseanu Am Search Interview [25/10/2017]
Am Search winner and Dew Tour Am Series competitor Mihnea Groseanu explains why its hard to progress at skateboarding in his home country of Romania. Although skating in tough conditions Mihnea was able to travel and experience different terrain that has shaped his skating in phenomenal ways. Learn more about Mihnea and how he adapted to the course at Barcelona in his interview.

Douwe Macare Dew Tour Am Search Interview [9/10/2017]
Get inside the mind of Netherlands Dew Tour Am Search winner Douwe Macare. Having lived in Barcelona for three months and skated in less known territories Douwes skate career has taken him places. Even his 2017 Dew Tour Am Search submission features clips all the way from California.

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 Recap Video [6/10/2017]
Another Dew Tour Am Series competitions wrapped up this past weekend in one of the worlds skate meccas Barcelona. Check out a few hammers put down by some of this years 2017 Am Search winners and Am Series finalists from semi-finals and the final.

Ole Edvartsen Dew Tour Am Search Interview [6/10/2017]
Hailing all the way from Norway is Dew Tour Am Series competitor Ole Edvartsen. First off if you havent watched Oles heavy Am Search submission video that won him a trip to Barcelona do so now. Quite impressive to say the least. Oles persistence and deep bag of ticks resembles and reminds us of Chris Joslin and doesnt fall short behind Chris power. Learn more about Ole and his first time in Barcelona in his interview.

Woody Hoogendijk Dew Tour Am Search Interview [6/10/2017]
Dew Tour sat down with Woody Hoogendijk from the Netherlands who was a 2017 Am Search finalist, but subbed in for contender Douwe Macare after being injured over the weekend. In addition to ripping on a skateboard, Woody is also a comedic host on Flatspot Magazines Out of Focus video series and snuck in a few moments with Mountain Dew riders Jordan Maxham, Chris Colbourn, and Sean Malto. Check out Woodys interview for his thoughts on the Am Series contest and rip the course!

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 Results and Footage [27/9/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Dew Tour Am Series contest in Barcelona.

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 RIDE Footage [26/9/2017]
The Dew Tour AM Series just got together all the skaters who have won the Am Search in their countries, to skate an amazing skatepark by the beach in Barcelona. The winner gets all expenses paid for a trip to Los Angeles to skate Dew Tour Am. Roger Silva with his technical and switch tricks have got the first place and will enjoy some time in California in the end of the year.

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 1st RIDE Footage [26/9/2017]
The Dew Tour AM Series just went down in one of the best skate cities in the world, Barcelona. Brazilian, Roger Silva skated the whole park showing how good he can skate switch and won the contest, getting a trip to California to skate the Dew Tour AM Finals in LA.

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 elpatincom Finals Footage [26/9/2017]
Highlights from Dew Tour Am Series 2017 in Barcelona.

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 Flatspot BestTrick Footage [26/9/2017]
Barcelona is hosting the 2017 Mountain Dew AM Series, first off was the Best Trick. Flatspot Magazine was there to film some of the tricks.

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 Flatspot OOF Footage [26/9/2017]
Mountain Dew held the 2017 Dew Tour AM Series finals in one of the best citys, Barcelona. Of course Flatspot Magazine had to go there to watch the competition and ask the import questions.

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 MD Footage [26/9/2017]
Mundo Deportivo has a short clip from the Dew Tour Am Series in Barcelona.

Dew Tour Bootcamp 2017 Barcelona Results / Footage [26/9/2017]
Results and highlights from Dew Tour Bootcamp 2017 held at the Port Olimpic in Barcelona.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 UK Finalists [3/8/2017]
Congrats to five Am Search United Kingdom finalists.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 South Africa Finalists [3/8/2017]
Congrats to five Am Search South Africa finalists.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 Romania Finalists [3/8/2017]
Congrats to five Am Search Romania finalists.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 Switzerland Finalists [3/8/2017]
Congrats to five Am Search Switzerland finalists.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 Norway Finalists [29/7/2017]
Congrats to Norways five Am Search finalists.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 Finland Finalists [28/7/2017]
Congrats to Finlands five Am Search finalists.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 Netherlands Finalists [28/7/2017]
Congrats to Netherlands five #AmSearch finalists.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 Norway Vi Duc [28/7/2017]
Here is Vi Duc Truongs submission for the Norwegian Dew Tour Am Search contest.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 Sebastian Holth Silva [21/7/2017]
Sebastian Holth Silvas entry for Dew Tour Am Search Norway.

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