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Roar Kolnes is a Norwegian skateboarder.

Also known as: Roar Kolnes Danielsen [full name]

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Full Part: Roar Kolnes 2018 remix [11/3/2019]
Roar Kolnes 2018 skate remix with clips from his part in Matthew Hines latest edit and street treats.

Grenland Games 2019 Results and Footage [11/2/2019]
Grenland Games 2019 Results and Footage

Thank You & Goodnight Leftovers [27/1/2019]
Unused clips, sketchy tricks and bad filming from Monument Skateboards recent edit Thank You and Goodnight.

Roar Kolnes for Remind Insoles [23/12/2018]
Filmed in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Video Part: Roar Kolnes in #prettysmud [10/12/2018]
Roar Kolnes part in the #prettysmud video.

Session Invitational 2018 Wildcard Winners [8/6/2018]
Four skaters got wildcards for Session Invitational trough the Instagram qualification.

Roar Kolnes for Supra Footwear [16/4/2018]
Roar Kolnes Supra Footwear Norway Promo.

Roar Kolnes VX 2015/2016 [14/2/2018]
Roar Kolnes VX footy from Los Angeles, San diego and Barcelona.

Full Part: Roar Kolnes CaliMix [7/2/2018]
Roar Kolnes has an edit from his trips to California in 2017/2018.

Roar Kolnes Byas Interview [10/1/2018]
Byas talked to Roar Kolnes.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 Roar Kolnes [14/7/2017]
Roar Kolnes contribution to the Dew Tour Am Search contest.

Street Treats Vilnius 2017 Tour Footage [12/5/2017]
Monument Skateboards went on a cold but really fun trip out to Vilnius in Lithuania.

Monument Barcelona Tour 2017 Footage [22/4/2017]
A week hitting up the streets of Barcelona with Monument Skateboards.

Monument Skateboards Best of Street 2016 [6/1/2017]
Monument takes a look back over the last year street skating.

Markus and Roar Skateboarder Interview [2/11/2016] caught up with Marcus Vik and Roar Kolsnes after their latest USA trip.

Marcus and Roar at Poods Skatepark [31/10/2016]
All the way from Norway, Marcus Vik and Roar Kolnes shredding Poods Park for Remind Insoles.

NORB NM 2016 Skateboarder Course Interviews #2 [31/7/2016] talked to Jens Ugland, Roar Kolnes, Petter Brunvatne, Ruben Alexander Soon and Gabriel Bjrsvik.

NORB NM 2016 Results and Footage [31/7/2016]
Here are the results from the Norwegian skateboard championships held at Tasta Skatepark in Stavanger.

New Tasta Skatepark with Roar Kolnes [29/7/2016]
Monument Skateboards team rider Roar Kolnes puts down some quick tricks at the New Tasta Skatepark.

Roar Kolnes at Kverneland Skatepark [13/7/2016]
Monument Skateboards team rider Roar Kolnes puts down some quick tricks on the new feature at Kverneland Skatepark.

Full Part: Roar Kolnes 2016 Mix [10/7/2016]
Roar Kolnes 2016 mix.

Roar Kolnes Monument Interview [3/6/2016]
A quick interview and lines with Monument Skateboards team rider Roar Kolnes.

Fun Weekend Session [7/5/2016]
A really great weekend skating in Sandnes with the Smudcrew team.

Roar Kolnes Magnolia B-Sides [16/2/2016]
Roar Kolnes B-Side footage from two months in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Magnolia 2016 Tour Video [14/2/2016]
Marcus Vik and Roar Kolnes went on a trip to California with filmer Patrick Zuckermann. Here is the footage.

Roar Kolnes Skateboarder Interview [30/10/2015] talked to Roar Kolnes after the WITP contest.

Roar Kolnes Sandnesposten Interview [12/10/2015]
Roar Kolnes is staying in Los Angeles for two months to prepare for the Wild in the Parks world final.

NORB NM Senior Interviews [2/8/2015] interviewed the seniors.

Roar Kolnes at Fuengirola Skatepark [29/7/2015]
Roar Kolnes Fuengirola 2015

Rolling with Roar #2 [25/5/2015]
Exactly a year ago Monument Skateboards team rider Roar Kolnes made the first Rolling with at the Klepp skatepark. They are back in the same bad weather as last year trying to get some tricks before the rain calls it off.

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