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Skaters Favorite Skater: Ryan Sheckler Episode [26/6/2019]
Ryans a warrior. Hes been going big, winning contests, putting out video parts, and paying the price for years. Who might his favorite skater be? Heres a hint, its one of his Plan B teammates...

Skaters Favorite Skater: Chico Brenes Episode [22/6/2019]
SF OG Chico Brenes lets us know who his favorite skater is. Makes sense!

Skaters Favorite Skater: Alex Olson Episode [17/6/2019]
Transworld sat down with Alex at home to find out who his favorite skater is. Alex went on at length about who and whytrick selectionits important!

Skaters Favorite Skater Fabiana Delfino Episode [13/2/2019]
Fabiana Delfino has been making her mark on skateboarding big time over this past year. Shes one of Transworlds favorite new skaters on the scene. Be on the lookout for more radness from her in the future and click play to see who her favorite skater is. Thanks Fabiana!

Skaters Favorite Skater Steve Brandi Episode [11/2/2019]
Hopps Skateboards Steve Brandi gives you the lowdown on his favorite skater. Click play to find out who it is. Thanks Steve!

Skaters Favorite Skater Tommy Sandoval Episode [27/1/2019]
Tommy Sandoval, one of the gnarliest skaters of all-time lets you know who his favorite skater is. Click play and find out!

Skaters Favorite Skater Marius Syvanen Episode [20/1/2019]
One of our all-round favorite skaters, Marius Syvanen lets you know who is favorite skater is. Click play and find out!

Skaters Favorite Skater Cyrus Bennett Episode [10/1/2019]
917 and Nike SB pro, Cyrus Bennett, is one of our favorite skaters. He has a unique style, power, and charges it all the time, so we wanted to know who was his favorite. So, here you go.

Skaters Favorite Skater Jordyn Barratt Episode [31/12/2018]
From the first video she ever watched to meeting (and skating with) him in real life, Jordyn Barratts favorite skater is one of the best to ever do it and continues to kill it to this day!

Skaters Favorite Skater Chris Joslin Episode [11/12/2018]
Chris Joslin is heavy. Theres no denying that. And when you find out who his favorite skater is, it all makes sense. When youre influenced by someone like that... youre going to be jumping down big shit nonstop like Joslin. Who could it be? Hit play!

Skater Favorite Skater Dakota Servold Episode [28/11/2018]
Dakota has been lucky enough to grow up with his favorite skater over the last few years, room with him, travel with him, live with him... the list goes on. Its no wonder that his favorite skater is who he is, and he continues to draw inspiration from him daily. Yeah, Dakota! Solid pick.

Skaters Favorite Skater Matt Bennett Episode [15/11/2018]
Matt Bennett gets straight to the point when it comes to why his favorite skater is who he is. And we couldnt agree more. Hit play!

Skaters Favorite Skater: John Rattray Episode [8/11/2018]
Hit play and find out who Rattrays favorite skater is and why.

Skaters Favorite Skater Sebo Walker Episode [2/11/2018]
Some of you might not know who Sebos favorite skater is, but those of you who do will agree its hard to deny. Raw energy, pure fun, crazy tricks and a unique look at skateboardingwhats not to love? Yeah, Sebo! Freedom at its finest.

Skaters Favorite Skater Bobby Puleo Episode [23/10/2018]
Puleo sits down and dishes out why his favorite skater is who he is. From his favorite photos to his unique way of thinking all the way to his style on and off the board, Bobbys choice is as good as it gets. Hit play!

Skaters Favorite Skater: Bobby Worrest Episode [15/10/2018]
Bobbys favorite skater has a crazy good 360 flip and a unique bag of tricks, but most importantly, he approaches everything with aggressive power and style. Nice choice, Bob! Hit play.

Skaters Favorite Skater Stefan Janoski Episode [13/10/2018]
Stefan Janoskis favorite skater has stylethere aint no denying that! Hes also a TWS video alumni and notoriously skates spots that most would overlook. Any guesses? Hit play!

Skaters Favorite Skater Christian Hosoi Episode [27/9/2018]
The legend himself, Christian Hosoi takes a seat on the couch and dishes out why his favorite skater is who he is. From being his mentor to his first sponsor... Hosois favorite skater saw something in him and were damn glad about it.

Skaters Favorite Skater Chris Cole Episode [20/9/2018]
Chris Cole needs no introduction, but hell happily admit that he still fans out a bit when he sees his favorite skater, which is awesome. Its nice to remind ourselves that even the best skaters in the world are just normal people with heroes of their own. Take your guesses then hit play.

Skaters Favorite Skater Steve Caballero Episode [12/9/2018]
Sit down with the legend himself, Steve Caballero and get the scoop on two of his favorite skatersone of his all-time favorites and one of his current favorites. See who they are right here in the latest Skaters Favorite Skater episode.

Skaters Favorite Skater: Dane Burman Episode [7/9/2018]
Most dudes fumble around a bit when trying to decide who their favorite skater is. But for Dane Burman, that wasnt the case. It was an easy decision and like his skating, he gets straight to the point.

Skaters Favorite Skater Cairo Foster Episode [29/8/2018]
This was Cairos answer on this day specifically, but like most of your favorite pros, their favorite skaters are always fluctuating. Either way, cant argue with Cairo on this one! Another solid choice added to the list.

Skaters Favorite Skater Silas Baxter-Neal Episode [24/8/2018]
Silas Baxter-Neal is gnarly. Hes had his fair share of groundbreaking video parts and only seems to get better. Its no surprise that someone as ripping as Silas draws inspiration from this person. Find out who Silas chose and why. And revisit his part from the Habitat video, Inhabitants while youre at it.

Skaters Favorite Skater Franky Villani Episode [14/8/2018]
Frankys two choices are like peanut butter and jelly, a pair that we can all agree on. From their shared parts to individual parts over the years, were sort of surprised these two havent been mentioned yet. (Watch until the end for some Franky footy.)

Skaters Favorite Skater Adam Arunskis Episode [17/9/2013]
Find out who Zero Am and TWS Park local, Adam Arunskis favorite skater is in TWS latest Skaters Favorite Skater episode. Like most dudes, Adam has a ton of favorite skaters and is influenced by each of them, but when the dust settles, his favorite is...