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Cruisin Brooklyn with John Gardner [6/8/2018]
John Gardner dips out the back window and onto the streets of Brooklyn for the latest cruisin piece. Youre gonna be hyped on this one. Crust lines for days...

Magnified: John Gardner [26/7/2018]
Break the glass? More like break your back! John Gardner goes squeeze play through a portal of pain. Just when you thought skating bump to bars couldnt get any sketchier

John Gardner Thrasher Interview [26/7/2018]
John Gardner Thrasher Interview

Full Part: John Gardners East Coast Autumn [28/2/2018]
Jersey maniac John Garder lurks the backyards and back alleys of the East Coast, in search of empty pools and sketchy roll-ins. Big ups to a true original.

Cruisin NYC: John Gardner [26/10/2017]
Weve heard of turning lemons into lemonade, but oranges into Hot Juice? Thats got to be a first... Press that play button and find out what were talking in the latest Cruisin with John Gardner. John sure knows how to make some NYC hot laps look like a damn good time.

5 in The Foam with John Gardner [25/7/2016]
Its a 5 and 5 with John Gardner taking it to the foam pit of Woodward East. See what the campers wanted to know about a John and peep the fun of flying into the foam. Guest appearances by Taylor Bingaman and David Gravette.

John Gardner on Creature [14/4/2016]
Creature Skateboards has welcomed John Gardner to the team with this remix of his newest part in the Bruns 2 video.