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Mike Vallely is an American professional skateboarder, musician, actor, television personality, stuntman, wrestler and FHL hockey player.

Also known as: Mike V

Mike Vallely Skateboard Decks
Here is a brief overview of Mike Vallelys skateboard companies and board sponsors trough time.


Mike Vallely was born on June 29 1970, in Edison, New Jersey. His parents are Art and Mary Vallely, and he has an older brother, Joe, and a younger sister, Amy.

At the age of 14 he discovered skateboarding and punk rock music, and started borrowing a skateboard from a friend, until his parents got him a Sims Jeff Phillip pro model skateboard for Christmas in 1984.

"Growing up skateboarding in the eighties was tough. Having a skateboard, a shaved head and a pink t-shirt and green pants in 1984 meant some jocks were going to kick your ass."

Powell Peralta

In 1986, Mike Vallely moved with his family to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where he joined a local team called "Subculture", and started partisipating in local contests.

In the spring, Mount Trashmore hosted a professional vert skateboard contest at the Virginia Beach Skate park. Mike Vallely and his friend were skating by the ramp during practice, and drew the attention of Neil Blender, Lance Mountain and Stacy Peralta, who offered Vallely an amateur sponsorship deal with Powell Peralta Skateboards. He turned pro the next year, at a vert contest in Toronto, Canada on May 31st.

"When I turned pro for Powell I made good money but it was all royalty. Now here's a interesting little bit of history for you; I changed that process."

World Industries

It was during the peak of his popularity that Vallely left Powell Peralta with Rodney Mullen to help start World Industries, in February, 1989. This career move of his revolutionized the skateboard industry, challenging its corporate structure.

"I was the first professional skateboarder to ever get paid a salary by a board company. That was kind of the bargaining chip for when I left Powell and went to World Industries."

While riding for World Industries Mike Vallely asked Rodney Mullen to help create a newly shaped skateboard deck, and the Vallely Barnyard Model is credited for the evolution of the skateboard shape to the current popsicle-shaped deck.

Early 1991 Mike Vallely left World Industries, due to differences with Steve Rocco over his use of company advertising for political purposes.

Other Sponsors

Mike Vallely then rode for New Deal Skateboards until January 1992.

After leaving New Deal, Mike Vallely started TV Skateboards with his friend Ed Templeton. The company was short lived, and went out of businsess the same year.

Mike Vallely then returned to Powell Skateboards in 1993, and his second period riding for the company lasted until 1997.

Vallely then briefly rode for Transit Skateboards 1in 1997.

In 1998 he joined Black Label Skateboards, where he remained until 2002.

Being an individual is really what skateboarding is all about. And so Black Label has a true skateboard team.

In 2002 Mike Vallely founded Vallely Skateboards, distributed through Giant Distribution. The companye went out of business in 2003.

From 2003 to 2010 Mike Valelly rode for Element Skateboards.

In 2010 Mike Vallely left Element to start his own company, By The Sword, with fellow skateboarder Jason Filipow. The company was short lived, and went out of business the same year.

Mike Valelly then joined Powell Peralta Skateboards for a third time

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